Insure your car with ABA Seguros

With more than 60 years of maintaining its operations at a national level, ABA Seguros de Autos can be considered one of the best in the field, which has been strengthened thanks to the financial power it has today, but to a great extent this is because it is a subsidiary brand of Chubb, one of the most important groups in the insurance sector worldwide.

One of the most important points to consider in relation to Auto Insurance ABA, is the specialization it has taken in this market, because through the services it has designed is how the company can boast of being one of the most efficient and recognized throughout Mexico, because it offers a unique support that provides the supply of products or services of the highest quality according to the attention to all its users, mainly by focusing on commercial damage, as well as environmental risks, terrorism, liability, among many others.

Today ABA Seguros para Autos is considered one of the insurance companies with greater presence in all Mexico, because it is located between the 4 best at national level in the automotive sector, a place where it is placed in great measure by its product offer, which extends to many other markets of the insurance branch, because at present it can boast of having more than 850 thousand insured at national level, receiving the best evaluations in the resolution of claims.

And in general terms it is worth mentioning that Aseguradora ABA, presumes to serve a specific sector of the whole country, because its objective is focused at all times with the ability to aspire to continue improving its operation, which has been achieved according to the improvements in their tools, innovating in terms of technology, thus becoming one of the most prestigious companies in Mexico.

With your ABA Auto Insurance you receive quality and solidity.

One of the points of greatest impact by ABA Seguros de Autos is that the insurance company has been able to specialize in the sector simply by knowing how to adapt to the needs of the client, since in its wide range of options it can boast both monetary guarantees and the quality of its services.

It knows how to fit in with what the market is looking for, since it designs insurance that includes important protection, with exclusive coverage for minivans, as well as plans that exclude deductibles, they can offer you a substitute car when yours is in repair or reported stolen, while their services in civil liability know how to procure prudent compensation to take care of you.

All of this has led it to become increasingly experienced in the sector, as the quality of its services is focused on providing unique benefits such as guarantees for services in less than 24 hours, a wide network of agents and monitoring of the risks in which you are involved, as well as the insured amounts established to protect you at all times.

ABA Auto Insurance takes care of you every time!

With services that know how to solve the risks and unforeseen events in which you could be involved, the ABA Auto Insurance boasts the highest quality in relation to the coverage it offers, which will respond in case you are involved in these problems.

And to know in detail about the attention you get thanks to your policy with ABA Seguros para Autos, in Info Insurances we tell you:

  • Civil Liability: With the intention of covering possible damages or situations due to an accident, since here we cover the expenses involved in attacking the material goods of a third party, as well as in the corporal injuries that you could cause, in addition this is invested in case another person is the one that affects you, since this way you will obtain medical expenses to the owner and companions with hospitalization, medicines, ambulances, rehabilitation processes, among other services, all this in Mexico and abroad.

  • Proliber: It refers to all kinds of assistance in bail and legal matters, covering car accidents resulting in reckless crimes, as the proliber service is the coverage that pays the bail amounts for your parole as a driver, and so that you can release your car, as it will also offer legal advice during the judicial administrative process.

  • Total Theft: Working as a backup with which you can face all these risks, the coverage of ABA Seguros is focused on the services you need to take care of your car, since it will concentrate on protecting you when the unit is stolen from the damages or loss that you report when it is stolen, however this will not be valid in partial cases.

  • Roadside Assistance: This coverage offered by your ABA Auto Insurance is considered as a personalized protection in terms of services for the care of your vehicle, where it covers the attention for mechanical failures, such as a flat tire, power failure, preventive service of a mechanic, in addition to sending fuel, or a tow truck, among many other assistance coverages.

  • Material Damage: Without a doubt this is one of the most outstanding assistance provided by Aseguradora ABA, since material damage is covered from partial to full due to collisions, overturning, glass breakage and all the problems that arise from unforeseen natural events, acts of vandalism, falling appliances, among many others. Covering both compensation for repair or replacement, as well as transportation costs.

Coverage for your ABA Auto Insurance.

ABA Seguros can boast of offering a considerable variety in the car industry, as its policies know how to adapt to the needs of any type of customer, designing coverage that backs you up against all the unforeseen events in which you are exposed.

And for this reason, at Info Insurances we work with Seguros ABA so that you can choose the option that best suits you, get to know them:






RC Damage to Third Parties

Family RC

CR to People

Material Damage



Total Theft


Medical Expenses

Roadside Assistance


Travel Assistance


Relay Car



Which policy should you take out with Aseguradora ABA?

As you noted above, there are 4 coverages that are marketed by Aseguradora ABA, because with the intention of responding to the needs of its customers, the company designs these to suit both the economic possibilities, as well as the claims that seek in question of your vehicle.

This is a decision that becomes more and more important according to what you are looking for in relation to the support you want to obtain to face all the situations in which you get involved, however, here are the specific differences, which depend on the model, brand and age of your car, but also include many other determining aspects to be able to solve all these circumstances.

How to report a claim with ABA Insurance ?

Total loss.

  • Your car will be valued within a maximum of 72 hours, and in case the damage is severe, it will be determined as a total loss.

  • When the total loss is confirmed, Seguros ABA requests the delivery of documents that are mentioned in your policy, or on its website.

  • You will get your payment in no more than 72 hours.

Vehicle theft.

  • Once the report is made for the theft of your car, you will have to report it to the Public Prosecutor’s Office closest to the place where the events took place, starting from this date you will have 30 days to locate your car.

  • If you arrive on the 31st day without having located your car, you can go to the service window to receive your letter of total loss.

  • You will have to report your vehicle’s plates to the police.

  • After this, you must deliver all the documentation that is required by your insurance contract, or in the requirements section that ABA Seguros sends you.

  • Once all the above points have been approved, your payment will be released within 72 hours at the latest.


  • You will have to take the pass that is given to you at the place of the accident to the workshop that is assigned to you, in a period no longer than 72 hours your car will be evaluated.

  • If you arrive on the 31st day without having located your car, you can go to the service window to receive your letter of total loss.

  • You will have to report your vehicle’s plates to the police.

  • After this, you must deliver all the documentation that is required by your insurance contract, or in the requirements section that ABA Seguros sends you.

  • Once all the above points have been approved, your payment will be released within 72 hours at the latest.

Meet the ABA app!

One of the most outstanding implementations that have been made by ABA Seguros, this is a tool that has been launched to the market by the company in order to offer a better service to all its users, because this innovative app is available for iOS and Android operating systems, besides being totally free.

With a real-time geolocation, the ABA app allows users to report accidents, thefts or request any of the services they have contracted in their policy, thus streamlining the process of advice, in addition to this you can consult all the information about your insurance contract, coverage and process in which your claim is.

Recommendations for using your ABA Auto Insurance

  • When contracting your ABA Auto Insurance, always consider the requirements or everything that you must comply with for its use.

  • In order to be able to make good use of your policy, it is important that you know in depth which insurance you have chosen, inform yourself about its assistance services, as well as how it will support you in solving problems.

  • Use correctly all the coverages included in your car insurance, because remember that with ABA Seguros there are always certain restrictions to receive these services.

Benefits of taking out your policy with Aseguradora ABA

  • Get liability protection throughout Mexico, as well as in the United States and Canada with insured amounts up to 2 million pesos or 100 thousand dollars.

  • With the family liability, you have support to cover the damages and everything that could be caused by the members of your family on board your car.

  • And finally one of the most outstanding benefits is in road assistance, this for the towing of crane, fuel delivery, tire changes, among many other services that occur in your transfers.

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With ABA Seguros de Auto you are protected all over Mexico and abroad, but you will also be protected against all kind of unforeseen events that may happen to you, because they take care of you:

  • Medical expenses to occupants.

  • Financial soundness for damages to third parties in goods or persons.

  • Compensation greater than the agreed insured sum.

At Info Insurances we help you by speeding up all the procedures, and you only have to get in touch with one of our advisors to give you the attention you need.

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Don’t wait and renew it as soon as possible so that you can continue enjoying all the benefits that Seguros ABA has for you, remember that if there is one thing that has characterized it is precisely in providing the most effective car insurance in the country.

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