Are you looking for good car insurance? Afirme Insurance is the answer! At Info Insurances we’ll tell you!

Positioned as one of the most prestigious insurance companies in the country, Afirme Seguros can boast about the specialization it has taken mainly in car insurance, a product that leads it to be introduced among the best according to its sales percentages. Furthermore, it is considered one of the most reliable companies in the sector since Afirme Auto Insurance responds to all kinds of problems.

Each of the coverage offered by Seguros Afirme is useful to protect you against an accident and all kinds of situations, this is through services designed so that users receive full protection, which can include from civil liability, property damage, medical expenses, among many others.

The truth is that Afirme Seguros is fully focused on becoming the ideal alternative for all users who are looking for the best insurance for their car, all this through services that meet the needs that always exist in the insurance market, in addition that this insurance company keeps up with the trends that arise in the sector, mainly in technology.

And in general terms an Afirme Auto Insurance has a variety of covers, which are designed to fit your needs, but above all your economic possibilities, since not all clients will contract the same coverage, however the protection services go hand in hand with the market expectations.

Receive quality service with Afirme Auto Insurance

In Info Insurancess we know that the vehicle sector is usually one of the most demanding if we talk about insurance, mainly because of the constant changes that occur by the authorities, because at least in most of the states that make up the Mexican Republic, request coverage that covers the corresponding liability.

But in general terms we could highlight Aseguradora Afirme as one of the few that cares about protecting its customers against any accident, and so you can get an idea about the services that the company guarantees, in Info Insurancess we have them in detail:

  • Road Assistance: Modified over the years to make this coverage more complete, Afirme road assistance consists of nationwide support with the basic help a customer demands for gasoline supply, change or repair of your tires, service for the power pass, attention of a locksmith, among others. Along with this are included towing your vehicle, preventive references of a mechanical repair, medical transfers in a land ambulance, automotive information lines to provide prices and locations of toll booths on highways, shorter routes between cities, location of pens and federal deposits, as well as delegations or public ministries.
  • Medical Expenses: Both the policyholder and all those accompanying him/her are covered by Afirme Seguros de Auto for hospitalization, medicines, preventive medical care, nursing, ambulance, rehabilitation for bodily injuries, as well as funeral expenses.
  • Civil Liability: A total protection that contemplates the damages that you could cause to a third party, either in its material goods or in corporal injuries, this is vital to comply even with damages to public goods, a civil liability that will be in force in all the Mexican Republic, as well as in the United States.
  • Legal Assistance: A coverage where Afirme protects you with all the services for the legal defense of the driver, considering all kinds of payments, from a fine and a traffic violation, including the payment of the bail or guarantee, these last ones when they are caused by an automobile accident of the insured unit.
  • Consequential Losses: Known as a variant on your insurance contract, it covers the economic losses that a person suffers when buying his or her vehicle on credit with a financial institution and is a victim of crime due to the theft and/or total loss of the car. Usually other companies in these situations do not compensate the insured with the value already paid, so you lose your money. Then Affirm Insurance with this modality compensates with the payment of the difference between what the insured pays in the credit and what he obtains thanks to his coverage, even the company does not have problem if you contract this service even having an insurance contracted with another company.
  • Material Damage: The service that includes coverage for material damage covers both collisions of the vehicle, as well as overturns, damage to glass such as windshields, side windows, sunroofs, wings, medallions, etc. This is characterized by backing you up against fire, lightning or explosions, as well as in natural disasters, depending on the costs, a deductible of 3, 5 or 10% may apply, while for windows it is a fixed deductible of 20%.

Which coverage goes best with your vehicle? Learn about Affirm Auto Insurance plans!

Before taking out a policy with Afirme Auto Insurance, it is advisable to take a look at all the coverages that the company has for you, as not all users look for the same policy, as this changes depending on the economic possibilities, as well as the age of your vehicle, among many other situations that influence the final decision.

In order for you to make a comparison and determine the coverage that best suits you, but above all to take care of your car as you wish, in Info Insurancess we will tell you in depth about the plans that Aseguradora Afirme has for you, and the differences between them. Learn more:





Limited Plus


Civil Liability

Medical Expenses

Roadside Assistance


Legal Assistance

Collision or Hit-And-Run Bail

Material Damage


Total Loss x Property Damage


Travel Assistance


Auto Substitute


Remember that within the automotive insurance offered by Afirme Seguros we find protection products that are offered to public and private transportation units, such as public service buses, taxis and vehicles used by platforms such as Uber, DiDi, Beat, etc.

What’s the ideal policy for your car? At Info Insurancess we’ll tell you!

With different types of plans, you will be the one who chooses the care you want for your vehicle, providing the support you need to travel throughout the Mexican Republic, in addition to complying with the obligations that have been imposed by the corresponding authorities in the various states of the country that today require at least a liability insurance.

However, not all vehicles can be insured with basic coverage, but not all are recommended for a wide or elite. All this depends to a great extent on the model of your car, as it is not the same to insure a late model vehicle as one that is older than 9 years.

That is why when you quote your policy with Afirme Seguros, you will receive a totally personalized attention by one of our advisors, so you can clear all your doubts to choose the coverage that suits you best, considering from the economic, to the same protection you are looking for your car.

Sign Mobile, an app to take your policy anywhere!

What at the beginning was a platform available to take control of your bank accounts, since this is a tool that was designed by Afirme in order to be within reach of its clients, however the growth of its insurance brand was exponential to the extent of having to expand Afirme Móvil’s services.

Available for iOS and Android operating systems, the Afirme app already allows you to store your insurance policy, plus you will be able to make your monthly payments, as well as everything related to your car insurance, such as corrections or additional coverage you want to include.

And to help you learn more about how Afirme Mobile works, here’s how:

  • Report an accident and any kind of loss you have suffered with just one button.
  • You have your own geolocation, as well as that of your adjuster to know the time of arrival.
  • Receive momentary phone assistance, which will be timely to inform you about a step by step in a claim, knowing what to say and what not to do.
  • You will be able to follow closely the process of your vehicle’s repair in case of a mechanical failure.
  • You are informed about the partial theft of your vehicle, this within the period agreed by the authorities, once this is exceeded, the app will indicate you the documentation and steps to follow to receive compensation for the incident.

What should you do in case of a claim? Affirm Auto Insurance explains!

  • Once a loss occurs that is still stipulated in your Affirm Auto Insurance contract, report it immediately to your customer service center.
  • When reporting this inconvenience, you must mention the exact place where the incident occurred, followed by the make, type of vehicle along with the color and plates, as well as the name of the driver, policy number and the name of the insured.
  • As soon as the insurance adjuster arrives, we recommend that you have your insurance policy, either physical or digital, at hand, as well as your driver’s license or permit, because if you do not have them, the company will apply a clause in which you can withdraw from the claim.
  • And finally, as recommendations we give you additionally, it is important that you do not make any kind of arrangement with the opposite party, as this must remain in the hands of the adjuster. In addition to this, consult the general conditions of your policy, keep in mind the period of validity of your policy when it is renewed, and always carry basic documents with you.

Benefits of taking out Affirm Auto Insurance.

  • You will receive unique attention, as well as support against any inconvenience that may occur.
  • You have the protection of a prestigious and financially powerful company, but on top of that Afirme Insurance is there for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • When you purchase your Afirme Auto Insurance with a participating credit card, you will get discounts on your policy, plus up to 12 months of interest-free coverage.
  • Support throughout Mexico and abroad.

Get your car insurance from Affirm Insurance!

At Info Insurancess we know that having the backing of Afirme Auto Insurance represents being protected throughout Mexico, in addition to having the financial strength you really need. With any of its policies you are guaranteed the support against different situations that could occur, such as:

  • Medical expenses to all occupants.
  • Civil liability in Mexico, United States and Canada.
  • Legal advice with payment of bail.

Hiring your policy with Afirme Seguros de Autos en Info Insurancess is very easy and fast, one of our advisors is already waiting for you to give you the attention you need.

Quote and hire in less than 2 minutes!

With Info Insurancess you can renew your Afirme! policy. Car Insurance!

When your Affirm Auto Insurance is about to expire, it is important that you renew as soon as possible and do not stop enjoying all the benefits it has for you. Afirme stands out for providing the highest innovation in its products, as well as protecting you wherever you are.

At Info Insurancess it is very easy to renew your policy with Afirme Seguros de Autos, as it will take you less than 2 minutes. No need for late formalities, one of our advisors will help you to make your renewal.