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Do you want to know the insurance of Allstate Insurance? Here, you can also find contact information  all this in Spanish about the types of insurance offered, the policies and the coverages.

Allstate Insurance is probably best known for its auto insurance policies. However, this company has grown over the years and currently offers various financial services for the best price on the market. Also, it is known as a good option for consumers who want to hire the services of a unique and accessible company. Remember, choosing the ideal insurance comes from a careful analysis and comparison.

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All about Allstate Insurance

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Allstate Insurance Customer Service Telephone Numbers

This insurer has a Global Call Center where it offers care in both Spanish and English just by following the instructions by calling 1-877-366-1607 . For those who are hearing impaired, the toll-free, open line is  1-800-877-8973 .

You can make requests or claims online through the email enabled on the Allstate website.

Customer Service Hours in Spanish

If you have concerns, questions, or need information, you can call and speak with an Allstate professional 24/7.

Allstate Correspondence

For postal correspondence, send a letter to the following address according to the reason for your request:

For General Questions
Allstate Insurance Company
PO Box 660598
Dallas, TX 75266-0598

For Auto Insurance Claims
Allstate Insurance Company
PO Box 660636
Dallas, TX 75266

For Payments for Express Shipping
Allstate Payments
2012 Corporate Lane Suite 108
PO Box 4310
Naperville, Illinois 60563

IMPORTANT : For another type of payment, always remember to use the postal address that appears on your policy.

AllState Insurance Official Website

Allstate has a portal on the Internet where information on its services is available. Its official website has a section completely in Spanish and English . AllState Español is exclusive for all Spanish-speaking users interested in purchasing a policy.

Allstate Life Insurance

Allstate life insurance is available to the general public in the three most common types of the North American market, Term, Whole Life and Universal Life. This insurer is a leading company in property damage and injury insurance, as well as in technical branches of fire in homes and private car policies . In life insurance, it is slightly below top-selling companies, but it ranked first in 2016, along with New York Life, in customer satisfaction. The main types of Allstate life insurance are:

Seguro Temporal (Term Life)

It is low-cost protection that is purchased for a specific period of years.

  • Basic Temporary . Insurance that is contracted for a period of 15 years without the need to pass a medical examination. It can be hired for $ 50,000, $ 100,000 or $ 150,000.
  • Temporary Real Adjustment . Policy that is contracted for between 10 and 30 years for the term required by the insured. It has the advantage that it allows you to personalize making adjustments of the insured amount according to your needs, decreasing or increasing as required.

Whole Life Insurance

Insurance that provides protection up to 100 years of age.

  • Whole Life Insurance . The same premium is paid each year throughout the life of the policy. It generates cash values ​​that can be accessed at all times.
  • Universal Life . Similar to Whole Life, with the option of earning interest and generating capital.
  • Variable Universal Life . You have the option to vary both the sum insured and the premiums you pay.

Allstate Health Insurance

Allstate health insurance offers few options, since it is not a specialized company in this sector. Your options are supplemental coverages, to protect against expenses not generally covered by health insurance policies . The coverages offered by Allstate health insurance are:

Supplemental Health Insurance

It is a complement to traditional insurance policies, since it covers the expenses that are no longer covered:

  • Cancer Insurance.
  • Accident insurance.
  • Disability Policy.

The three plans extend the coverage obtained in traditional policies , to be able to face the higher expenses that could be involved in the event that protected events occur. Additionally, they also cover other expenses that are not covered in health policies or in the compensation benefit for employees of your company, such as deductibles, co-insurance and others.

This service has the advantage that it covers other expenses that generally must be incurred in the event of a protected incident. Among them:

  • Hire a daycare for children
  • Travel expenses to the place where you are going to be treated
  • Food and accommodation.

Other expenses that can also be included, depending on the policy contracted are the fixed monthly expenses that you should normally make in any family.

Auto Allstate Insurance

Allstate auto insurance is among the most requested in the entire country, with data from 2015, at least in direct premiums that indicate coverage of 10% of the national market in the private car sector. It is an insurer with a long tradition, which began operations in 1931. Due to the requirements of law in the United States, Allstate auto insurance policies have different coverage in each state. In general, the following are coverages that you can hire almost anywhere:

Auto Policy: Collision

Protect your vehicle against damage caused in an accident.

  • Complete or Total . It offers protection to your vehicle against damage caused by theft or natural phenomena.
  • Civil Liability . It protects you against damages caused to third parties in their property or people and for which you are legally responsible.
  • Medical Payments . Covers medical or funeral expenses that are necessary for the driver and his companions.
  • Protection for Personal Injuries . Other coverage that protects the driver and passengers with medical expenses. Additionally, it provides protection for loss of income.
  • Vehicles without insurance or under Insured . Protection of medical expenses for you and your companions, in case the legally responsible vehicle does not have sufficient protection or does not have insurance.
  • Personal Umbrella Policy . Additional protection that is used when your legal assistance coverage has been exhausted and you are subject to legal or judicial demands for excessive time and expenses above normal in cases of accidents.
  • Car rental . Covers by reimbursement the rent of a car in which the injured is under repair.
  • Sound System Coverage . Policy that covers the replacement of the sound system in case of accidental damage or theft.
  • Trailer and Labor . Insurance that provides roadside assistance for tire changes and other common failures.

Moto Allstate Insurance

Allstate motorcycle insurance is considered unique within the 10 most important and best rated in the country by Value Penguin for 2017, as well as by Consumer Affairs, which places it in the first position considering various aspects such as the available discount percentages, genuine parts for repairs, focus on safety and other factors. Allstate is ranked 92nd of the 500 largest companies in the United States and is one of the best sellers in this type of insurance. It has been operating since 1931.

The coverages that can be contracted in Allstate motorcycle insurance are:

Civil Liability for Bodily Injury

Covers medical expenses for injury or death and loss of income to the other driver. In some states also those of the companion.

Bodily Injury by Uninsured or Under-Insured Drivers

Protects the motorcycle rider and passenger in the event of bodily injury caused by a driver who does not have adequate insurance or does not have it.

Civil Liability for Property Damage

It pays for the damages caused to the other vehicle and various properties in accidents under its responsibility.

  • Medical Payments . Protection that covers medical expenses that are necessary for the motorcycle driver and his companion.
  • Protection for Personal Injuries . A variant of medical payments coverage that is required in some states. It covers your medical expenses, lost income, funeral expenses and childcare for the driver of the insured motorcycle.
  • Collision . Covers damage to the motorcycle in the event of a collision with other vehicles, buildings and trees.
  • Full coverage . Protection from the damages that the motorcycle may suffer as a result of causes other than collisions, whether natural phenomena, theft or vandalism.

Additional Motorcycle Coverages

Other benefits that we can obtain by purchasing a motorcycle policy with Allstate Insurance are:

  • Trailer and Labor . It reimburses the expenses related to the towing of the motorcycle for failures or accidents.
  • Rent . Vehicle rental reimbursement in the event of an accident or while the motorcycle is being repaired as a result of it.
  • Damage to the Means of Transportation used for the Motorcycle when not in use . It protects both the motorcycle and the vehicle in which it is transported in the event of collisions, earthquakes, vandalism and other causes.
  • Financing and Leasing Gap . Applies in case of total losses due to accident or theft. Pays the difference between the insured value that includes depreciation and the finance or lease price.
  • Optional or added equipment . The Allstate policy includes $ 1,000 of coverage for post-purchase add-on equipment, plus you can insure up to an extra $ 30,000 if you need it.

Home and Home Insurance Allstate Insurance

Allstate home and home insurance ranked second in sales nationally , based on 2015 direct premium results, where they had an 8.9% market share in the line of business with nearly $ 8 billion. The main types of Allstate home and home insurance are:

Homeowners Insurance

Protection for construction and contents due to fire, vandalism, falling objects or collisions and various natural events. For content, theft protection is also included. It has civil liability coverage.

Condominium Policy

Similar to homeowners insurance, with protections for interior walls and home modifications .

Landlords Insurance

Special policy with exclusive coverage for construction . It also includes an endorsement of civil liability. The contents must be insured by the person who lives in the house.

Mobile Home Coverage

A variant of homeowners insurance geared toward motor homes.

Renters Policy

Covers the contents of a dwelling house in rented houses . Family liability protection also applies. Its main characteristics are:

  • Coverage of Personal Belongings. Protect belongings in the home such as clothing, furniture, appliances, jewelry, and other items. In case of owning works of art and other valuable items, it is possible to add them in a special policy. The coverages protect against climatic risks, accidents and acts of people with bad intentions, including vandalism, theft, fire, explosion, falling objects, collision of vehicles against the home, wind storms, hail and several more.
  • Reimbursement for Living Expenses. Covers the necessary expenses in case the home cannot be inhabited due to any of the covered risks . These are mainly those of payment of a temporary home, food and others.
  • Family Civil Liability. It protects you by covering the expenses in case of lawsuits for injuries to guests as a result of accidents due to the conditions of the place or food that you provide them. It also protects against pet damage.
  • Tenant Civil Liability. It protects you for the damages that you cause to the property you live in and that are attributable to you.

Flood Insurance

It protects both buildings and contents, depending on whether the insured is the owner or not, against the effects of water and floods.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Allstate Insurance

Allstate workers’ compensation insurance is one of the sectors where this company is not a national leader in sales, but should still be considered given its history of customer service, where it is one of the most prominent insurers each year. According to the 2016 American Customer Satisfaction Index, it was ranked number 7 in the best sales nationwide .

Basic Workers’ Compensation Coverage

The sums insured for each coverage usually vary based on state law requirements , in addition to the needs of the company due to risk and other factors. The specific coverages that these Allstate workers’ compensation insurance include are:

  • Protection for bodily injury caused during work hours on and off the premises to pay medical bills.
  • Payment of medical expenses for occupational diseases.
  • Temporary protection against loss of income due to disability, in which the worker’s state of health is restored.
  • Compensation in the event of a permanent disability in the employee.
  • Compensation to the worker’s beneficiaries if the injury or illness causes the worker’s death.

Civil Liability Insurance Allstate Insurance

Allstate is one of the leading insurers in the United States in various industries, but not yet in the liability arena. However, it is one of the insurers that offers better service to users . In 2016, it was ranked seventh in the American Customer Satisfaction Index. The different types of Allstate liability insurance policies are:

Vehicle Policy

The following options are available:

  • Civil Liability for Bodily Injury . Pay for physical injuries for which you are legally responsible as a result of an accident. The expenses it includes are medical fees, loss of income for the injured and legal defense of the insured.
  • Civil Liability for Property Damages . Covers physical damage caused to the property of third parties affected in the accident.

Civil Liability for Houses

Protection in case other people suffer injuries inside your home. Some of the covered expenses are:

  • Medical expenses necessary until your rehabilitation.
  • Loss of income or wages while injured.
  • Legal defense expenses.
  • Physical and moral damages of the injured person.
  • Death benefits due to accident.
  • Various family coverage outside the home.

Business Civil Liability

Various plans to hire depending on the type of company:

  • General civil liability . Covers damage to belongings of others and injuries that could be caused by your accident or that of your employees, as well as by your facilities.
  • Products liability policy . Covers damages that your products or services could cause to third parties.
  • Professional civil liability . It is sure that it responds to errors or omissions in your business that affect third parties.
  • Civil liability for professional practices . Protects the company in case of discrimination lawsuits against employees or working conditions.
  • Civil liability for officers and directors . Help in the event that senior managers are sued for illegal or irresponsible practices.

Business Insurance Allstate Insurance

Allstate is currently the No. 4 seller in property damage and casualty insurance . It comprised 5.06% of the market. In the same year, it obtained the seventh place in the American Customer Satisfaction Index in the same sector. The types of policies and coverages of Allstate business insurance are:

Property and buildings owned by the business

  • Property . Coverage for damage to the building and its contents due to natural phenomena, fire, vandalism or theft.
  • Civil Liability . Protection against claims to the business for damage to third parties in goods or people.
  • Loss of Income . Loss of income as a result of a protected loss.
  • Glass breakage . Protection for exterior windows due to external damage.
  • Equipment Repair . Coverage for mechanical or electrical failures of various equipment in the business, such as air conditioning, communication equipment, devices subject to pressure and others.

Identity Policy

Protection against the loss of personal data kept by the company in case of theft , loss or omissions and errors that make them public.

  • Civil liability for labor practices
  • Protection in case of lawsuits by employees for working conditions and other practices.

Equipment Repair Policy

Protection for the equipment used at work in case of damage from various causes. You have coverage for loss of income and loss of perishable products.

Business Auto Policy

Protection for all vehicles used by the company.

  • Interruption of commercial activities . It allows the operation of the business even when the owner is injured or disabled.

Home Business Insurance

Protection for everything related to your business that is operating from home .

Money and Securities Coverage

Insurance that covers the money and values ​​of your business both within the facilities and outside of them , either in transit for deposits or payments, as in the homes of the employees in charge.

Travel Insurance Allstate Insurance

Allstate has the best insurance costs since a person can spend between 5% and 7% of what they spend on their trip. This insurance allows anyone to feel calm when traveling in and out of the United States . It is important to know the coverages offered by Allstate insurance, which are divided as follows:

Trip Cancellation Coverage

When a person must suspend their trip and has already made the payment of tickets, these are automatically refunded . This coverage may include cruise trips or group excursions. Allstate has a list of the reasons for a return such as:

  • Illnesses or Injuries . When the holder or her traveling companion are ill and cannot make the trip.
  • Natural disaster . If the weather is bad for traveling, there are hurricanes or other natural phenomena that cause the cancellation of the trip.

Lost Luggage Coverage

There are two types of baggage coverage that are within the insurance which are:

  • Damage or Loss of Baggage . Covers the costs of buying new luggage, clothing and personal supplies that were damaged or lost during the trip.
  • Baggage delay. Covers expenses when luggage takes more than 24 hours to arrive, so you can buy essential items for the trip.

Medical Expenses Coverage

In trips abroad, the coverage of medical expenses allows a support in the following cases:

  • Long hospitalizations
  • Air transfer after an accident while practicing skiing
  • Flying home when seriously ill or injured

Trip Interruption Coverage

Covers expenses in case of travel interruption due to illness, injury or natural disasters that put the destination at risk.

Travel Delay Coverage

In case the flight is canceled or delayed, the insurance will make a refund.

Telephone assistance

Personalized service available 24 hours a day throughout the trip , includes legal help and resources to solve lost passports.

Pet Insurance Allstate Insurance

Allstate pet insurance is not issued directly by this insurer, but is offered as a service to American Modern Pet Insurance customers . The plans include options for cats and dogs, including exclusive accident plans. The coverages and policies available for Allstate pet insurance are:

Accident Policy

Insurance that protects pets in the event of an accident . For pets of legal age or with certain conditions is the available option. Covered expenses are:

  • Veterinary, nurse and specialist fees.
  • The necessary laboratory tests, x-rays, ultrasounds and others.
  • Emergency hospitalization and the care that the pet requires.
  • Recovery therapy.
  • Laparoscopy, traditional and laser surgery expenses.
  • Holistic Medicine, Chiropractic Expenses, and Acupuncture Services.

Accident and Illness Policy

It covers the same points as the accident policy, in addition to similar expenses in case of diseases or genetic conditions typical of the breed . It also includes:

  • Cancer treatment and chemotherapy.
  • Cost of drugs as optional coverage.
  • Dental care as an optional endorsement.
  • Well-being and routine expenses.
  • Additional coverage that provides support in the periodic expenses for the care of the pet. Includes nail trimming, vaccinations, heartworm medications, routine exams, and more.

Quote Allstate Insurance at Cotizator

Many insurers offer services similar to Allstate Insurance. Therefore, it is important that you know which insurer best suits your needs by comparing their services. Some companies that offer similar services are: Amica Insurance and MetLife . Remember that at you will find various insurers with their respective quotes totally free, so that you can make the right decision and get a good price when purchasing your policy.

Insurance Reviews Allstate Insurance

This company is especially aimed at the Spanish-speaking public and has Mixed opinions, its customer satisfaction rating is average. On the other hand, it receives fewer complaints to state regulators regarding life, home, and auto insurance than other companies regarding its size and quality of service. Lastly, this company is known for offering rideshare insurance in most states.

The main opinions about this insurer are:

  • Allstate was ranked 13th out of 24 insurers in the NerdWallet Ranking of Best Auto Insurance Companies and its current rating is 3.5 / 5 stars out of 5 for overall performance.
  • Allstate’s financial strength is A + “superior,” according to rating agency AM Best . Financial strength is important because it indicates how well an insurer can pay claims.
  • Allstate had less than the median number of complaints to state regulators in 2018 relative to its size for auto, home and life insurance, this data comes from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.
  • Their Official Facebook 4/5 stars and the main opinions of the users indicate that they are a team of responsible agents who offer a quality service and respond to the call for help from customers when necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions about Insurance Allstate Insurance

How do I pay my Allstate Insurance bill?

You can currently cancel an Allstate invoice through three options:

  • Online payment . Enter MyAccount on the Official Website to pay through an eCheck, which withdraws the payment directly from your bank account, or through your Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® or American Express® card.
  • Pay by phone . Contact to the 1-808-901-1732 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to pay.
  • Pay by mail . Send a check or money order to the postal address on your invoice.

How much should I pay for my policy?

For most policies, you can pay any amount between “minimum” and “full payment” on your bill. However, if you are a customer of a life insurance policy, you must pay the amount on your bill in full.

Can I make a single payment for multiple insurance policies?

It’s not possible. Remember that policies are billed separately and must be paid in the same way. Finally, when you pay your bill online or by phone, you will receive a unique reference number that will not be repeated.

How can I make a claim with Allstate Insurance?

If you need immediate assistance, please call 24/7 at 1-877-366-1607 . The claims worksheet can be a useful resource after an accident. It is important to mention that this claims service or « Find your Agent » for now, is only available in English.

How do I cancel my policy from Allstate Insurance?

To cancel a service you can contact the Global Call Center in Spanish directly and follow the instructions 1-877-366-1607 . Remember to have the necessary identification data on hand in addition to your policy contract.