Are you looking for a good insurance for your car? ANA Insurance is a very good option!

Consolidated as one of the best companies in the sector, ANA Seguros stands out without a doubt for being at the forefront over the years, and this has led it to place itself among the most important insurance companies at the national level, a place where it continues to reaffirm its financial strength, in addition to enhancing its car insurance with the most complete coverage on the market.

Dedicated 100% to vehicle insurance, Aseguradora ANA is a company of Mexican origin that throughout its history has gained a significant number of customers, which have been strengthened with ANA Seguros de Auto, mainly by the guarantees imposed in favor of its policyholders, this being one of the points by which the company continues to gain ground over its competitors.

This is how, in general terms, we can highlight ANA as a viable option for taking care of your vehicle, since we are talking about nothing more or less than a company that presumes to be among the top 20 nationally, but not only this, but also because of the economic power it has to support its customers against any situation in which they may be involved.

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Beyond the basic characteristics that clients put before the economic issue, as well as in the requests that are imposed by the authorities of the different states that make up the Mexican Republic, however ANA Seguros de Autos has known how to bring its services of the highest quality in the balance that can be attached with really accessible prices.

And so you can find out about all the services you will receive with your ANA car insurance, at we tell you in detail:

  • Material Damage: One of the most complete care services offered by Aseguradora ANA to repair your car in the event of an accident, taking into account all repairs related to mechanics, tinsmithing, painting, among many other variations. The truth is that this coverage offers benefits by eliminating deductibles for total and partial loss, this provided that it is caused by acts of vandalism, even contemplating the damage caused by your minor children on board your vehicle, either road accident, regardless of whether or not you have a driver’s license, in this incident if it covers a deductible determined by the company.
  • Total Theft: We have coverage that has stood out as one of the best among all car insurance companies in Mexico, because total theft considers situations in which your vehicle is stolen and not recovered within the established period of time, all of this in accordance with the general conditions, once the filters and requirements are approved, ANA Auto Insurance will pay the commercial value or agreed, depending on what is established in your contract.
  • ANA Road and Travel Assistance: Now we move on to one of the points offered in your ANA Car Insurance, providing all the assistance you need for your vehicle in the event of a breakdown, low battery, lack of fuel, fuse failure, damaged tyres, and even the towing of a crane to the address indicated or to a mechanical workshop of your choice, this within a radius of mileage that is pre-established in the agreed conditions.
  • Legal Defense and Assistance: Problems due to an accident or incident you suffered, you no longer have to worry about legal assistance, in addition to receiving legal advice for claims or faults you may have made to the regulations. In this coverage ANA Seguros supports you with the payment of fines and bail.
  • Auto Substitute: In the event that your vehicle is declared a total loss due to material damages, Seguros ANA will provide you up to $15,000 pesos to be used for your transfers, which is established for the rental of a vehicle and all expenses generated, although you should consult these agreements for the general conditions applied.
  • ANA Rent: And finally, this is one of the company’s most outstanding coverages, since depending on the policy you have taken out, in addition to the compensation paid for the theft or total loss of your vehicle, you will receive an extra amount of $15,000 pesos.

All ANA Auto Insurance coverage is with Info

This is undoubtedly one of the most important points where we show you the services offered in each of the coverages by ANA Seguros de Autos, and that it will undoubtedly be appropriate for you to get an idea about the policy that best suits all your needs.

We invite you to know the plans that Seguros de Autos ANA has for you, get to know them:

Coverage Extensive UPT Limited RC
Property damage X X X
P.T Material Damage X X X
Total Theft X
CR to Goods
CR to People
RC Catastrophic
Medical Expenses
Legal Defense
Roadside Assistance Travel

Why is ANA Roadside Assistance one of the best in the country?

With your ANA Auto Insurance you receive protection that is placed even as one of the most complete road assistance coverage in the market, and is also positioned among the best nationally. In it, the insurance company takes care of all those inconveniences due to situations that get out of control, mainly because of not taking certain precautions.

In case of any eventuality that may occur to your car, you will receive ANA road assistance, with coverage such as

  • Lack of Gasoline: These are occasions to which many drivers are exposed mainly on the road, considering it as a circumstance where you may need fuel to continue circulating, so for these moments ANA Seguros approaches the place where you are to carry the required gasoline.
  • Passes of Current: When your battery ends up discharged, this is a service that consists of providing total attention, which is complemented by assistance with cables to pass current and thus follow your circulation without any problem.
  • Fuse failures: Caused by mechanical failure, ANA focuses on providing assistance as long as it is stated in your policy, being timely to receive repairs on these tools.
  • Tyres: In case of a puncture, this is a circumstance in which you are supported on the roads that present damages that could damage the tires of your vehicle, for which ANA Seguros gives a coverage in road assistance for its repair or if necessary the total change of the tires.
  • Vehicle Failure: Finally, this is an assistance provided by Seguros ANA due to the damage suffered by your car and at the same time have a solution at the time, otherwise the insurance company is responsible for the search and go to the appropriate repair centers, in addition to the drag of your car to the place.

Just call 01 (55) 4749-5128 and one of our advisors will be there to assist you.

Additional Coverage for ANA Auto Insurance

Figuring as the options offered by ANA Seguros to make your car insurance more complete, or to meet your expectations. However, in this sense it is very important that you know how the additional plans depend on the policy you have taken out.

And so that you can get an idea of the services available to you so that your policy meets your own expectations, that is why at Info Insurance we tell you in detail about their coverage and how they are divided between the plans in Seguros para Autos ANA, such as

Additional Coverage Extensive UPT Limited RC
Auto Substitute X X X
No PT Deductible Payment X X
No PP Deductible X X X
Extension of Coverage
Accidental Death
Water Debilitation X X X
Return of Premium and Deductible X
Collision crane X
Agency Repair X X X
Partial Theft X X X
Shielding X
Task Force X
ANA Rent X
Auto Rent Extension X
Workshop Repair X X X
Roadside Assistance, Travel, Medical
Total Car Assistance X X X
Fines and Penalties X X X

We invite you to make your renewal as soon as possible. Don’t miss out on all the benefits that ANA Auto Insurance has for you. Also remember that in Info Insurance we offer you all the facilities so that in less than 2 minutes you can renew your car insurance.

An ANA Insurance app? You’re not reading wrong, meet ANA GO!

ANA Seguros does not lag behind in technological matters, as it now makes available to its customers the ANA GO platform, an app that remains available to its users in iOS and Android operating systems. Through this app you will be able to perform many operations related to your policies contracted with the insurance company.

To give you an idea of the functions through this app, in Info Insurance we tell you a little more about all these operations, know more about them:

What to do in case of an accident? We’ll give you one step at a time!

  • Get in touch with the company.
  • For a total accident or theft, you should file a report with the nearest public prosecutor’s office or with the Federal Preventive Police, in each of which you should request a certified copy.
  • Request the attention of an adjuster to gather the necessary information for the theft and to be instructed on the subsequent steps to be taken.
  • Deliver a written report to the insurer and wait 30 days for the appropriate searches and investigations, once this period is exceeded and not resolved, you will be given the corresponding compensation according to the fulfillment of the requirements of the requested documentation.
  • And finally, you’ll have to issue a certificate of discharge.

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Counting your ANA Auto Insurance, will make you feel protected throughout Mexico and abroad, in addition to receiving all the solutions to any type of inconvenience that may arise, because with an ANA insurance policy you are ensuring the care against all kinds of situations, such as:

  • Immediate compensation for theft or material damage.
  • All medical expenses for driver and accompanying persons.
  • Network of adjusters throughout the country.

Remember that at Info Insurance we provide you with personalised assistance so that you can take out your policy in less than 2 minutes.

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We invite you to make your renewal as soon as possible. Don’t miss out on all the benefits that ANA Auto Insurance has for you. Remember that at Info Insurance we offer you all the facilities so that you can renew your policy in less than 2 minutes.

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