Why take out an Auto Insurance with AXA? At Infoinsurances.com we tell you!

Throughout its history, AXA Seguros has been able to stand out as one of the most important insurance companies in Mexico and worldwide. It has occupied this position for many years, mainly because it offers the highest quality in its services, in addition to offering the most complete coverage on the market.

At Ahorra Seguros we are the number one insurance comparator in Mexico, and we have achieved this by working together with the best insurance companies in the country, such as Seguros AXA, a company that specializes in car insurance, providing you with support against all kinds of unforeseen events to which you may be exposed.

There are many reasons to purchase AXA Auto Insurance, but without a doubt one of the most important is the way in which this insurance company operates throughout Mexico, fully focused on the objective of being able to provide you with the solution to all your problems, concentrating on being able to offer you the protection that you are looking for, as well as being able to manage all the risks in which you are involved, providing financial assistance to deal with each one of them.

With AXA Auto Insurance you can travel anywhere with peace of mind!

As we told you before, one of the objectives of Aseguradora AXA is to transmit the security that you so much need when you are on board your car, mainly that you enjoy your trips without any complications.

And that’s why at Ahorra Seguros, worrying about you at all times, we tell you a little bit about the care services you will receive with any of their coverage, because no matter how expensive these situations may be, AXA gives you the solvency to face them, with services like

  • Car accidents: Without a doubt a risk to which any Mexican is always exposed, and for this AXA Insurance supports you with all the medical expenses for the driver, as well as for all his companions, with indemnifications for material damages, as well as legal assistance for the payment of fines, bail, etc.
  • Auto Theft and Accessories: It is worth mentioning that this coverage depends on the AXA Auto Insurance policy you take out, but once you report this claim the company will take care of all relevant investigations, supporting you for the theft of your car or its parts.
  • Damage to Third Parties: Also known as Civil Liability, it provides you with the support you need in the event of damage to third parties, either to their property or personal injury, including death. At the same time, damages to third parties are considered in the case of causing some damage to public property known as damage to the nation.
  • Protection Abroad: Without a doubt this is one of the most important coverages offered within your own policy, or as an additional option, with it you can travel to the United States and Canada with a coverage that includes total care with civil liability, medical expenses, etc.

Everything you need to know about your AXA insurance policy.

Insured Amount


Invoice Value

Commercial Value

This is known as the maximum limit on the liability borne by AXA. The insured sum is determined at the time you take out your insurance and is specified on the cover of your policy. The deductible in your AXA Auto Insurance is agreed as the amount of money you agree to pay in case of an accident, while the remaining amount is covered by the insurance company. This is the term that indicates the original invoice value of your vehicle. Amount that is assigned only to late-model cars. In the opposite case to the invoice value, this is when your vehicle suffers an accident and to determine the amount, the value determined by the blue book or the EBC guide is taken into account.

With Aseguradora AXA you will enjoy a new experience in car insurance.

Without a doubt this is one of the most important points for any user, since an auto insurance does not only go through the compensations or insured amounts that you will receive.

In this way AXA cares for each and every one of its clients, seeking to offer them the best attention, through benefits that help you live a unique experience with their car insurance, because their quality services make you feel protected no matter what time or place, and so that you have a clear idea, we explain:

You will be entitled to a chauffeur-driven car service free of charge, this in case you are involved in a car accident, or your car cannot be driven.

  • In a maximum of 72 hours AXA Seguros will pay your compensation, this in the event of a total loss, although to make this possible, it is important that you hand in all your documentation in good time.
  • With a network of adjusters that is considered among the most extensive in the industry, Aseguradora AXA provides you with a connection to more than 400 nationwide, as well as the most important repair centers in the country and workshops certified by the company.
  • All assistance services are covered by AXA Insurance, where they offer services for mechanical failures, medical and administrative care. The latter includes expenses for legal assistance, payment of fines, towing and bail.
  • Their assistants are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide you with the advice and support you may need.

AXA Auto Insurance Coverage


Wide Plus


Basic Broad



Material Damage.

Commercial Value 3% Commercial Value 5% Commercial Value 8% No No

Total Theft

Commercial Value 5% Commercial Value 10%. Commercial Value 12% Commercial Value 10%. No

RC Damage to Third Parties

$1’250,000 $1’000,000 $800,000 $750,000 $750,000

Support Service

Occupant Medical Expenses.

$250,000 $200,000 $100,000 $150,000 $150,000

Legal Defense

RC Extension

Optional No Optional Optional

CR by people in excess

$3’000,000 $3’000,000 $2’000,000 $3’000,000 $3’000,000

Accidents to the driver.

$100,000 Optional No Optional Optional

Consenting car.

Optional No No No

Auto Parts Theft

$25,000 – Deductible 25% No No No No

Elimination of deductible and return of premiums.

Optional No No No

RC Overseas.


What is MyAxa?

MyAXA is a mobile application that was launched by AXA Seguros to keep you up to date with all your insurance policies. This platform can be downloaded from all Apple Store and Play Store applications.

To register you only need to enter your current policy number, once you follow the steps you will be able to consult all your individual and commercial policies of your car, life, medical expenses, health and home.

And among its features, with MyAXA you can:

  • Report an emergency.
  • Track the adjuster that is on the way and know its exact location with the map provided by the app.
  • Be aware of the status of your claim, which will be maintained in real time.
  • You can follow up all the details regarding claims or doubts you have with a chat contact.
  • Make inquiries and download any detail about your policies in auto, home, medical expenses, life, etc.
  • You will be able to obtain your policy card 100% digitally.
  • Geolocation of all service providers with AXA (Mechanical workshops, repair agencies, tin shops, etc).
  • You can pay your policy and bill online from MyAXA.
  • For your safety, you can consult all the details of your agent.
  • Receive medical assistance with the “Your 24-hour Doctor” button.

What’s the process of a claim? We’ll tell you!


  • You will have to take the pass that is given to you at the place of the accident to the workshop that is assigned to you, in a period no longer than 72 hours your car will be evaluated.
  • According to the level of damage, repair times are estimated, this is on average 12 days in the repair shops, although if parts are needed, the time will be longer.
  • To keep track of your repair, you can check your status in the AXA Insurance app or on its website.

Total loss.

  • Your car will be valued within a maximum of 72 hours, and in case the damage is severe, it will be determined as a total loss.
  • When the total loss is confirmed, AXA Insurance requests the delivery of documents that are mentioned in your policy, or on its website.
  • You will get your payment in no more than 72 hours.

Payment of Material Damage.

  • Once the pass is delivered at the scene, you will have to take your car to the workshop or agency assigned to you.
  • After making the valuation, you must go to the service window with documents such as your car policy, your INE, the pass provided by the adjuster, a single form filled out and signed, as well as the bank statement, if required.
  • If all the documents and the process is followed correctly, the compensation payment is delivered within 48 working hours.

Vehicle theft.

  • Once the report is made for the theft of your car, you will have to report it to the Public Prosecutor’s Office closest to the place where the events took place. From this date on, 30 days will be counted to locate your car
  • If you arrive on the 31st day without having located your car, you can go to the service window to receive your letter of total loss.
  • You will have to report your vehicle’s plates to the police.
  • After this, you must submit all the documentation required by your insurance contract, or in the requirements section that AXA Seguros sends you.
  • Once all the above points have been approved, your payment will be released within 72 hours at the latest.

Which policy should you choose with AXA Auto Insurance?

It is very important to remember that an auto insurance must always be tailored to your needs, that is, it must truly meet each and every one of your requirements, for this reason Insurance AXA has up to 5 different coverages for you

It is worth remembering that in our country less than 20% of the vehicles that transit the length and breadth of the Mexican Republic with the minimum support requested by the authorities on duty. In Mexico every 10 minutes at least 3 robberies are reported to the vehicle sector, in addition we are one of the countries with the highest accident rate per year.

At Ahorra Seguros, we are experts in the field of insurance, and for this reason we believe that the ideal coverage for any driver is a broad one, mainly for all the risks covered, in addition to the indemnities that you can access, however the decision is yours, you can choose between a Basic, Essential, Basic Broad, Broad and Broad Plus policy.

Why is AXA Roadside Assistance one of the best in Mexico?

  • You receive full assistance to your tires, either with the emergency service for the change of some of them.
  • Delivery service and payment to a mechanic, covering assistance for lack of gasoline, power failure, damaged tires, among many other basic attentions.
  • Crane towing, this service takes into account the trailer to a workshop or repair agency, or to the address you indicate. All costs will be covered by AXA.
  • You will have access to references from repair shops, as well as a status on the resolution of your reported claim, through MyAXA.
  • Total assistance in your report due to accident and/or theft of the vehicle, as well as the auto parts.
  • Guaranteed medical transfer if needed, plus medical referrals where you receive guidance to visit a hospital or make an appointment.
  • It coordinates all the assistance services, as AXA Insurance assists you with the necessary formalities in case of funeral expenses.

Advantages of insuring your car with AXA Insurance.

  • With AXA Auto Insurance, you receive guarantees for the dates agreed for the repair of your vehicle or for the payment of the compensation.
  • Upon completion of the total loss, your payment is granted within a maximum of 72 hours.
  • With MyAXA you have your car insurance in the palm of your hand.
  • Your repair and maintenance of your car is done in the best workshops and repair agencies, in addition to tinsmithing and painting services.

Get your car insurance now!

At Ahorra Seguros we are concerned that you start to enjoy the different coverages that AXA has for you, and so that you can take out your contract as soon as possible you will only need basic information such as: make, sub-brand and model of your car, as well as your full name, date of birth, gender, telephone number and email address. Easy, don’t you think?

Enjoying the care and protection of AXA Insurance means being supported throughout Mexico and in more than 60 countries around the world. That is the dimension of the benefits that AXA represents for its clients, in addition to providing the financial strength you need for all the problems that may arise, and with your AXA Auto Insurance you will be covered in any kind of situation you may find yourself in.

Quote and contract in less than 2 minutes with Ahorra Seguros!

Do you have your AXA car insurance yet? Renew it!

When your AXA car insurance is about to expire, it is important that you renew your policy as soon as possible, so that you can continue to enjoy all the benefits, as well as receive the best car insurance technology.

At Ahorra Seguros you can renew your policy with AXA Auto Insurance in less than 2 minutes, without the need for paperwork and long procedures. Even if you want to extend your AXA car insurance, there is no problem.

You only have to call 01 (55) 4122-7013 and one of our advisors will be waiting for you. And if you do not have time, through our portal and application you can easily renew your policy.