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Seguros Banorte is one of the few insurance companies operating in Mexico, and they base their financial power through a solid backing by a banking and financial institution such as Grupo Banorte. The simple fact of being one of the most powerful banks in the country, drives Seguros de Autos Banorte, a company that can boast of being placed among the 10 brands with more sales in recent years.

For this reason, at Info Insurances we work together with Banorte Seguros in order to provide you with a complete service, through which you will receive full support against all kinds of risks, as long as these remain indicated in your policy, since it is worth remembering that Aseguradora Banorte offers 4 different auto insurance coverages, which can be differentiated according to the protection you require.

And this is how Banorte Seguros de Auto, tries to take care of your vehicle at all times and under any circumstances, offering the highest insured sums on the market, as well as largely excluding the deductibles applied through its policies, all of which places it among the best companies in the sector.

How does Banorte Insurance protect you? Here we tell you!

Nowadays, taking care of your car is extremely important, because in case you suffer an accident, or need a car repair, it can mean a big expense, and that is where Banorte Seguros plays a vital role, considering all the care services you might need, besides strengthening you in economic terms, which undoubtedly ends up being a benefit for anyone.

And so that you can get to know in depth the services and the way in which a Banorte Car Insurance takes care of you, as well as your vehicle, here we tell you:

  • Civil Liability: Whether for the usual amounts, and even with the possibility of requesting an extension, all this with the purpose of being able to receive total protection in case of an attack against a third party, specifically on his property or for personal injuries that could be caused, all this enters automatically into the amounts granted by Banorte. You even receive a backup for damages to public property.
  • Road Assistance: Recognized as one of the most efficient coverages offered today by Aseguradora Banorte, its road assistance includes all the corresponding support against mechanical incidents or failures that your car could suffer, but you also receive many other benefits among which are the change of tires, power passes, gasoline delivery, as well as towing
  • Legal Assistance: Without a doubt when we talk about car insurance, it is important to take into account the legal assistance you may need, because it involves the attention related to a consultation at the time you are involved in an accident and for obvious reasons a legal support is appropriate for a lawyer to carry out a trial in your defense for the payment of bonds, fines or require that these are paid in your favor.
  • Substitute Car: Appears in your favor at the time you suffer the partial or total theft, as well as at the time your vehicle is under repair, all these scenarios play in your favor to enjoy the substitute car service for periods of 15 to 30 days.

Know all the coverages that Banorte Seguros de Auto has for you!

It is important for you to know in depth each and every one of the coverage that Aseguradora Banorte has for you in car insurance, since this way you will be able to see in detail about all the services you will receive according to the insurance you contract.

So that all the information is clear and accurate, we at Info Insurances tell you:





RC. Basic

Civil Liability

5’000,000 MN $4’000,000 MN $4’000,000 MN 3’000,000 MN

CR Abroad

$100,000 USD. 100,000 USD $50,000 USD

RC Extension

Total Theft

Commercial Value 5% Commercial Value 10%.

Material Damage

Commercial Value 3%

Medical Expenses

100,000 MN $50,000 MN 30,000 MN 25,000 MN


Repositive value. 20%.

EMME Self-Protected

Roadside Assistance

Legal Advice

Auto Substitute / Driver

30 days 15 Days

It is important to know that the amounts established in medical expenses are individual, that is to say, this is the maximum granted to each of the occupants of the vehicle, however, in case the number exceeds the established limit, a deductible will be applied depending on the coverage you have contracted.

All the benefits of acquiring your insurance policy with Banorte.

We have already told you a little about the services you will receive, as well as how they will be provided over time. However, it is very important that you also know about all the benefits provided to you when you take out your policy.

All of these may not be included in the coverage at first, but if they are required, they will appear so that you can have them when you need them, and so that you can learn more about them, here we tell you:

  • Elimination of Deductibles: A benefit that consists of being present in case your vehicle is stolen, once it is declared, Aseguradora Banorte can help you with the elimination of your deductibles, in addition to giving you the option of using a substitute car if your coverage is limited or extended during the determined time.
  • Funeral Expenses: On the other hand, the coverage of funeral expenses is included in the Civil Responsibility or as an extension of it, in which all the expenses generated in case of death of the driver, companion or a third party, will be fully covered by Seguros Banorte.
  • Car with driver: Another variant that you receive from a substitute car, this is a benefit that you will have at the time you want, because this is to receive a service by a driver when you are in an inconvenient state to drive, because this service is considered your safety and thus avoid expenses for an accident, etc.

Do you want to make your car insurance more complete? Know the Banorte additional coverages!

Seguros Banorte knows from experience that a customer will never be satisfied with the service he has contracted, and for this to change immediately, is precisely how the insurance company offers plans that you can add to your policy with the intention of covering all your needs.

These are the additional coverages for your car insurance, as well as their insured amounts and deductibles:


Insured Amount and/or Deductible

Special Equipment, Adaptations and/or Conversions

Commercial value at 50% for material damage or total theft.

Auto Substitution for Material Damage

15 days longer than agreed.

Safe Tire

Up to 4 changes per year.

Guaranteed Value

Covered for the duration of the policy.

All these additional coverages are available for a wide, limited or basic policy, depending on it will be how the cost may increase or decrease, as well as intervene the age of your vehicle, while in the special equipment, adaptations and conversions, will depend on the cost they have to agree the insured amount.

What wasn’t just for the bank? Banorte Mobile helps you with your insurance too!

Since a few months ago, the Banorte Móvil app has stopped working only for banking issues such as credit cards, loans, financing, etc, since Seguros Banorte now also uses this platform with the intention of being closer to all its customers.

You’re not reading wrong, now the Mobile Banking application allows you to carry your policy on car insurance, life insurance, medical expenses, etc., from your smartphone, so you can make all kinds of queries that you think are necessary, as well as make your monthly payments without having to go to a branch.

In addition to this, the Banorte Seguros Móvil app is available for iOS and Android operating systems, and offers you features such as

  • Report a claim with a single button to link you to an assistant or in your case to the adjuster closest to you, thanks to its GPS tracking.
  • Follow closely the repairs, statements about the partial and total theft of your vehicle, once it is no longer recovered, the same Banorte Móvil app will notify you and inform you about the documents you will have to present.
  • The payment of your compensation or insured sums can be made by transfer to the account that you place through the app.

Advantages that you will only receive with Aseguradora Banorte

  • You can insure private, commercial and public service vehicles.
  • You receive up to 10% deductible in the event of a theft or total loss of your car.
  • You have the possibility to contract a basic insurance, which is required at least in Mexico City.
  • For the care of women, a Banorte Auto Insurance extends its protection to items such as bags, cards, cash, etc.
  • If you are a Banorte cardholder, you receive special discounts and months without interest when you take out your policy.
  • You have options for regularized and nationalized vehicles.

Steps to follow in case of an accident.

If, unfortunately, you are the victim of an accident, it is very important that you follow the proper process and in the order we mentioned, because if you omit any of them, it is very likely that the answer in question of your compensation will be negative.

Follow these steps:

  • Move your vehicle as little as possible, and avoid making any personal arrangements, signing an agreement or accepting responsibility, as this will all be done by the adjuster.
  • Contact immediately to the Banorte Insurance attention phone, or enter to your app from which you can report an incident, all their advisors are at your disposal 24 hours, 365 days a year.
  • When talking to an advisor, it is very important that you mention from the level of severity of the incident, and in the supposed case, the medical care services that might be necessary, reporting the number of injured, if you need immediate legal assistance etc.
  • If the report is not made by the app, indicate your exact location, and after that note the number of the claim, follow closely the time of arrival, as well as the name of your adjuster, in addition to having your policy and driver’s license in force.

Requirements to contract your Insurance Policy for Auto Banorte

  • To have plates in rule and that belong to any entity of the Mexican Republic, in the case of the regularized or nationalized cars, they will have to comply with the same procedures.
  • Your vehicle must be in order, taking into account that it has been distributed by national agencies, or that its papers are under the requirements for nationalization.
  • Banorte Seguros only insures vehicles up to 20 years old for limited and extensive cover, while a model that is 30 years old will only have access to a basic cover.
  • A car cannot be worth more than 1.5 million pesos.
  • The contracting party must be at least 18 years old.

Hire now! Your Banorte Banorte car insurance

We know that having the support of Seguros Banorte means that you will be protected all over Mexico and abroad, as you can feel confident that you have the strength you really need to be able to deal with any problems that might occur.

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