Best driving schools in Mexico City


Best driving schools in Mexico City

For a couple of years the expectation has grown that the Ministry of Mobility (SEMOVI) apply a driving test for the driver’s license. If done, this evaluation would be theoretical in which they would ask about current traffic regulations, among other management aspects.

There would also be some practical test that would be done in schools registered in SEMOVI.

However, this new measure has not been implemented. However, it would not hurt to approach any of the driving schools that are registered in SEMOVI to take driving classes, since these have, in addition to the certification by the Secretariat, with classes for any type of person and teaching of the different roads to travel as on the road.

In general, what the schools registered in SEMOVI offer are basic and advanced courses, road driving where they explain, among other things, how to take a curve, among other important driving aspects.

In the same way, they have tools and security so that the student feels comfortable when learning to use a car and thus take the best measures in case of being in danger while driving.

Schools registered in SEMOVI

This is the list of driving schools found on the official website of the Secretariat:

I do not register Name of school Direction Telephone contact
EM / 01/04 Imperial

Calzada Camarones No. 402-A, Col. Clavería,

Mayor’s Office Azcapotzalco, CP 02080

EM / 02/04 Aztec

Loreto Fabela No. 590, Col. San Juan de Aragón 7a. section,

Mayor Gustavo A. Madero, CP 07920

5799 7433
EM / 03/04 The Republic San Juan de Dios No. 384, Col. Villa Lázaro Cárdenas,
Mayor’s Office Tlalpan, CP 14370
5603 0876
EM / 04/04 The Union Av. Tláhuac No. 94, Col. Barrio La Asunción,
Mayor’s Office Tláhuac, CP 13000
5842 8872
EM / 05/04 Auto School Lomas Av. STIM No. 56, Col. Lomas del Chamizal,
City Hall Cuajimalpa, CP 05120
5251 9406
EM / 06/04 Mexican Management San Juan de Dios No. 524, Col. Villa Lázaro Cárdenas,
Mayor’s Office Tlalpan, CP 14370
5603 9770/5603 3670
EM / 07/04 Vel-Art 2000 Pablo García s / n, Col. Juan Escutia,
Mayor’s Office Iztapalapa, CP 09100
Mexico City
5773 7041/5745 4525
EM / 08/04 Universal Av. Revolución No. 613-B, Col. San Pedro de Los Pinos,
Mayor Benito Juárez, CP 03800
Mexico City
5598 5884/5563 2325
EM / 09/04 Ayagui Av. Eduardo Molina No. 5426, Accesoria uno, Col. Faja de Oro,
Mayor Gustavo A. Madero, CP 07850
5771 0775 5759 7274
EM / 10/06 Mexican School of Automotive Management Av. Montevideo No. 588, Col. Lindavista,
Mayor Gustavo A. Madero, CP 07730
Mexico City
5719 1944/5754 9293/5586 6730
EM / 11/04 Automundo Cristóbal Díaz Anaya No.326, Col. Paulino Navarro,
Cuauhtémoc Mayor’s Office, CP 06870
Mexico City
5740 7816/3547 4069/3547 8740/5741 1840
EM / 12/04 Alpha Calle 21 No.73, Col. Valentín Gómez Farías,
Venustiano Carranza Mayor’s Office, CP 15010
Mexico City
5785 6195/5762 7298
EM / 13/04 Nalta Primera Norte Mza.17 Lt.26 s / n, Col. Isidro Fabela,
Mayor’s Office Tlalpan, CP 14030
5665 5599/5424 3836
EM / 16/04 AMA (Mexican Automobile Association) Orizaba No. 7, Col. Roma,
Cuauhtémoc Mayor’s Office, CP 06700
5208 8329/5208 0563
EM / 18/04 Pan American School of Management Av. Baja California No.52-B, Col. Roma Sur,
Cuauhtémoc Mayor’s Office, CP 06760
5574 0578/5574 3792
EM / 19/04 American Calle El Llano Mz. 18 Lt. 1608, Col. Sta. María Aztahuacán,
Mayor’s Office Iztapalapa, CP 09500
5738 75 91 5732 5283
EM / 21/06 Ocampo Driving School Av. Juárez No. 12, Col. Cuajimalpa,
City Hall Cuajimalpa, CP 05000
8164 6658/2163 5681
EM / 23/07 Easy Driving School Av. Genaro García No. 79, Col. Jardín Balbuena
Venustiano Carranza Mayor’s Office. CP 15900
5552 4560/2612 1029
EM / 24/07 Defensive Driving School “MANDEF” Calzada de los Misterios 451-g, Col. Industrial,
Mayor Gustavo A. Madero, CP 07800
5739 3315
EM / 25/07 Intermontana Driving School Iztaccihuatl Street Mz. 43 Lt. 42, Col. Adolfo Ruiz Cortines,
Mayor’s Office Coyoacán, CP 04630
5610 3573/2457 5491/2457 5462
EM / 26/10 HARVEY Driving School Av. Javier Rojo Gómez No. 275 local 1, Col. Agrícola Oriental
Iztacalco Mayor’s Office, CP 08500
5614 6096/5756 5640/2456 7159/3871 2671
EM / 27/10 School of Forest Management Av. 606 No. 148 esq Av 631, Col Unidad Habitacional San Juan de Aragón 4th and 5th Section,
Mayor Gustavo A. Madero, CP 07979
5799 8666/5796 2401/7098 8924
EM / 28/10 TOYO-CAR Calle Atlántida No. 6, Col. Barros Sierra,
Mayor’s Office Magdalena Contreras, CP 10380
2956 8712
EM / 29/12 Continent Mexico Tamaulipas Street No. 17, Col. Progreso Tizapán,
Mayor Álvaro Obregón, CP 01080
EM / 30/12 Vargas Driving School Dr. Vertiz 524 B, Col. Narvarte,
Mayor Benito Juárez, CP 03020
Mexico City
5440 0939/5440 0809
EM / 33/14 ANGELES Driving School Gómez Farías Street No. 16, Col. Santa Fe,
Mayor Álvaro Obregón, CP 01320
2591 8548
EM / 34/14 DRIVER S CARS Driving School Guamúchil No. 280, Col. Santo Domingo,
Mayor’s Office Coyoacán, CP 04369
5619 1544
EM / 36/15 Reliable GT Habana No. 145, Col. Tepeyac Insurgentes,
Mayor Gustavo A. Madero, CP 07020

6650 6892

EM / 37/15 GDE MXO Driving School. Luis Preciado de la Torre Street No. 107, Col. Moctezuma I Section
Venustiano Carranza Mayor’s Office, CP 15900
7159 3928
EM / 38/16 Management School “TEKNO VIAL, SA DE CV” Calzada de Tlalpan No. 676 Local “A”, Col. Moderna,
Mayor’s Office Benito Juárez, CP 03510
7023 1166
EM / 39/19 Management School “Solutions” Calle Atlántida No. 6, Col. Barrios Sierra,
Mayor’s Office Magdalena Contreras, CP 10380
55 6648 3134

Driving schools with the highest score in Google

One of the ways to find the best driving school for beginners is by Googling and checking their reviews. Depending on the location of the person concerned, the site will show the closest driving schools and their score.

For example, some schools with scores above 4 points are the following:

Driving school Location Google rating Main comments
Teknovial Management School Calz. de Tlalpan 676, Moderna, Benito Juárez, 03510 Mexico City, CDMX 4.3 Patient teachers, flexible schedules and cars in good condition.
Easy Management Academy Lic. Genaro Garcia no 79, Jardín Balbuena, 15900 Mexico City, CDMX 4.0 Kind service, affordable price and trained instructors.
Neza Driving School Calz. Ignacio Zaragoza 1293, Tepalcates, Iztapalapa, 09210 Mexico City, CDMX 4.5 Patience and safety with the instructors.
Driving School Cumbres de Maltrata, Narvarte Poniente, Benito Juárez, 03620 Mexico City, CDMX 4.1 Guaranteed learning, good teaching techniques and excellent attention.
Valle CDMX Driving School Camino de la Secretaria A 29, Campestre Aragón, 07530 Mexico City, CDMX. 5.0 Punctuality, patience of the teachers, and clarification of doubts.
Spartan Driving School Av Valle del Yukon 148, Valle de Aragón 1ra Secc, 57100 Nezahualcóyotl, Mex. 4.7 Cars in excellent condition and good learning technique.
Virgo Driving School Third section, Valle de Guadiana 290, Valle de Aragón, 55280 Ecatepec de Morelos, Mex. 4.8 Kindness, patience on the part of the teachers and punctuality.
Master Driving School Govt. Ignacio Pichardo Pagaza, Av. Camino a Nva. Aragón, Lote 1 Mz. 73, Florida, 55210 Ecatepec de Morelos, Mex. 4.6 Instructors provide safety and well-maintained drives

It should be noted that the scores may change depending on the date the driving school is searched on Google, in addition, many academies can have 5 stars, but only one review. In this exercise, driving schools with more than 10 opinions from users were searched.

Finally, to choose the best driving school it is advisable to compare in at least three academies. You should also seek that they offer proof of having taken the course. Likewise, the teaching carts must be in excellent condition with the best safety equipment and that the teaching quality is the best for each type of person.


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