Do you know what you need to be a good car co-driver?

Did you know that the copilot, also known as the driver’s companion, is not just a place inside the car? since the person who stands to the side must know that it also has support functions for the safety and driving of the car.

This is even more important during road trips for long distances and times, in which the driver of the vehicle or pilot will need all possible support in terms of the copilot’s signals, assistance in the visual field and other help that guarantees the maximum security to avoid any possible loss.

This person, who is placed in the front seat next to the driver , may have various positions and definitions depending on the type of vehicle being driven, for example, it is not the same role that a co-pilot of a private car will have as a passenger vehicle. rally, truck or motorcycle .

Why is the role of the co-pilot so important?

Many people enjoy sitting in the front seat because they have a better view or it is simply more comfortable and spacious to read, use the cell phone or simply to sleep during the journey, however there is nothing worse than this.

The work of the front passenger is almost as important as that of the pilot, since at all times, even if they are short journeys, the assistance of a person is necessary who may have a vision angle where the driver’s is not enough.

In addition, if the driver has a problem or need, it is necessary that this person is always attentive and ready to assist him, as this can be decisive to avoid accidents or losses of any kind.

What are the functions of a good co-pilot?

As we mentioned, if you have the front seat or you have chosen it, you have work to do, and keeping an eye on the road as well as the driver himself is your priority.

The functions that a good copilot must perform inside the vehicle are:

  • Visual assistance: As a copilot, it is your duty at all times to be attentive to the road and warn the driver about objects, potholes, bumps, signs or actions of other cars that he cannot notice. In the same way, you should be of help when passing a car, joining a road, backing up or parking.
  • Route guide: The co-driver of the car should be in charge of reviewing the best arrival routes, whether he knows the way or uses the GPS navigator , in this way the driver should only follow his directions without the need for get distracted on the browser screen.
  • Dashboard control: As established by traffic regulations, the driver must be attentive on the road and with both hands on the wheel, so the co-driver must be responsible for controlling all the extra functions of the car, such as the air conditioning , windows, heating, music and the browser.
  • Calls: The co-pilot must be the person in charge of the calls received by the driver, or in that case, make those that are necessary, either for their trip or for personal reasons.
  • Attention to the pilot: The co-pilot also has the duty to assist the driver of the car by providing food, drinks or any other need that the pilot has, since he should not be distracted by anything other than driving.
  • Conversation partner: It may seem a bit strange, but one of the most important functions of the passenger is to be a good companion for the driver, trying to talk with him (without getting to the point of distracting him), which will avoid boredom or the risk that the pilot falls asleep.
  • Mechanic assistant: A co-driver should also be ready to help the driver in case they have a problem with the car, be it from changing a tire to pushing the car to start it.
  • Support in emergencies: Finally, the co-pilot must always be prepared for any type of emergency, whether due to driver fatigue, accident, illness, pain or any situation that makes it impossible for the person to do so. Before this you must be prepared to take control of the vehicle or be able to stop it.

Knowing and applying all of these functions is essential, since most traffic accidents are caused by distractions from drivers when using the cell phone, changing the music, looking for something in the glove compartment and other activities that you should not do.

What should not a co-pilot do?

Just as the passenger has a series of duties and responsibilities, there are also a number of things that must be avoided in order not to perform poorly, or worse, to be a distraction that can affect the driver.

What a co-pilot should not do is:

  • Falling asleep
  • Be a distraction or annoyance to the driver.
  • Distract yourself with a cell phone or other device.
  • Manipulate controls that correspond to the driver.
  • Consume alcoholic or narcotic beverages.

This will guarantee your good performance and that they are not a hindrance or inconvenience to the person who is in charge of driving the vehicle.

Know the security measures that the companion must take

The person occupying the passenger seat is obliged to take safety measures both for himself and for the other occupants of the vehicle.

Before starting the trip, you must verify that the car is in good condition, accommodate the passenger seat, adjust mirrors and of course, put on the seat belt .

This last step is the most important, since due to its position in the vehicle, it is one of the most vulnerable people to accidents, especially frontal impacts of the car.

Although most models now have airbags in the passenger seat, they do not guarantee complete safety if the seatbelt is not worn.

One of the most frequent events in serious accidents is that the co-pilot is projected through the windshield, precisely because he is not wearing the seat belt.

What is the Satellite Copilot?

Some companies currently offer the satellite copilot service, which is a security service for vehicles, especially for cargo trucks, in which satellite trackers and other types of meters are installed, which monitor in real time all the car.

This satellite copilot is operated by vehicle security companies to track at all times the location of the unit, the load, routes, speed and any incident or anomaly that may arise.

In addition, the satellite copilot or GPS copilot is in charge of offering other types of services and solutions, such as mechanical assistance, maintenance, fuel control, cargo monitoring and cost control.

This satellite copilot is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways for transport companies to effectively monitor all the processes of their vehicles and road cargo.

Does the Auto Insurance cover the Copilot?

Currently almost all auto insurance, starting with limited coverage, offers accident protection for both the driver of the vehicle and the passengers.

This includes the co-pilot, who is protected against:

  • Medical expenses .
  • Legal defense .
  • Civil liability .

This, as always, will depend on the insurer and the coverage that the vehicle has contracted.

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