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Car insurance in the USA is very important to protect the heritage and avoid suffering large losses in the event of any of the protected events. Each state has legal requirements both in terms of coverage and quantities, so it is important to define which ones will be used to acquire the policy.

According to the 2014 sales results, the main auto insurers were:

  • State Farm Insurance with 18.7% of the market.
  • Geico with 10.8%.
  • Allstate con 10 %.
  • Progressive with 8.7% of the market.
  • USAA with 5.2%.

Types of car insurance

All auto insurance in the USA offers one or more of the 6 main coverages or types of insurance that are:

  • Liability for Property Damage (PD) . Protects other cars and property for damages that could be caused with the vehicle, in case of being responsible for the accident. It is one of the insurance that is mandatory in most states, although with different coverages.
  • Liability for Bodily Injury (BD) . It also protects in the event of an accident for which it is legally responsible, but for damages caused directly to people. It is also a mandatory requirement in most states.
  • Medical Payment . This insurance protects for the medical expenses necessary for the care of the driver of the vehicle and its passengers. It is required in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Maine.
  • Uninsured Motorist (UM) coverage . Provides protection to the driver and vehicle occupants in the event another uninsured car is responsible for the accident. It is a mandatory protection in practically half of the states.
  • Collision damage . Covers material damage caused to your vehicle in cases of accidents under your responsibility.
  • Full coverage . Includes other coverage for your vehicle such as theft, fire, acts of nature, vandalism and collisions with animals.

There are many other coverages considered additional, which provide coverage to meet various needs. To know the minimum requirements of the law of each state, go to Minimum requirements for car insurance in the USA. For better coverage, it is important to insure the car with insurance that provides more protection than the minimum.

Regulatory bodies

The NAIC ( National Association of Insurance Commissioners ) establishes the regulations regarding insurance, however, in the USA each state decides what it accepts or not in this regard, so you must go to the respective offices in the corresponding state.

In case of disputes, it is possible to obtain support at the Consumer Protection offices .

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