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Looking for information on unlicensed car insurance? Then this article is for you. And it is that, although it is unlikely to be able to apply for an auto insurance policy without having a driver’s license; we can still resort to certain alternatives to compensate for this situation. Remember that there is no law in the US that prohibits the purchase of a car or a policy without a driver’s license; however, the authorities do not allow unlicensed drivers to circulate freely on the street.

Can I apply for car insurance without a US driver’s license?

If you are looking for car insurance in the United States, you must have a valid driver’s license.  Also, your driver’s license allows insurance companies to access and evaluate your driving history ; in this way you can get better coverage options and premium discounts. Currently, there are a few ways to obtain car insurance without a license.

Important fact : All insurance companies use your resume  to assess the risk you represent and calculate how much they should charge in exchange for offering you a policy.

Buying a car policy without a driver’s license will be a difficult and potentially expensive process . First of all, auto insurance companies will see you as a high risk for being an unlicensed driver (regardless of the reason you don’t have your document). On the other hand, some insurance companies will cover you if you have an identification card issued by the state where you reside.

Can I buy a car without a license in the US?

Before obtaining auto insurance, you must be the official owner of a car . First of all, it is considered legal to buy a car without a valid license; however, the process will be much easier if you have a pre-approved driver’s license. Also, some auto dealerships strictly enforce driver’s license regulations when applying for auto insurance policies. Therefore, many dealerships may require a photocopy of your insurance card and driver’s license before allowing someone to take a test drive.

Important fact : The protocols at each dealership can be completely different. That is, while some focus on applying for an insurance card; others focus their attention on your legal ability to drive a car.

Lastly, it will always be much easier to buy a vehicle without a license than it is to buy an auto insurance policy without a license. Remember, when you buy a car, the dealer legally waives liability after purchase.

What you need to apply for car insurance without a license in the US

Next, we will describe a series of steps you should follow if you are looking for car insurance without a license. However, it is important to remember that obtaining car insurance without a driver’s license is not exactly easy. In fact, you can consult with various issuers, but if you don’t ask the right questions, your application will not be successful.

Selecting a designated driver

The primary or designated driver of your vehicle should be someone very close to you. In fact, we advise that your designated driver be a direct relative or even a spouse. It is important to note that this measure of selecting a driver who does have a license is a last resort, and the application is not always approved. Likewise, if you tell an insurance agent that you don’t have a license and want to insure your car; most likely they will tell you that it is not possible.

These types of procedures are known as “ license verification standards ” before issuing an insurance policy. Therefore, we advise you never to lie or hide information from an insurance agent.

Finally, our best recommendation is that you express yourself honestly to the agent and ask for suggestions if you do not know how to proceed with car insurance .

Designated driver belonging to the household

If you have already chosen your designated driver and he lives with you, keep the following in mind:

  • You (as the owner of the vehicle) will not be able to include yourself in the insurance policy. Therefore, a spouse (as the only option) should be able to obtain vehicle insurance. Although, some insurance companies will likely reject coverage right away. However, it never hurts to try; Check with insurance companies that issue high-risk policies regularly.
  • If the main driver lives with you but is not your spouse, he or she can be named insured on a policy and be excluded as the main driver at the same time. Lastly, you (the new primary driver) can appear as a driver on the policy . However, you will need to do a thorough research in order to find an insurance company that offers this option.

Designated driver who does not belong to the household

  • The designated or primary driver can insure the vehicle even if they do not have title to your auto policy. Currently, many insurance companies only allow you to insure one vehicle for each registered owner. Therefore, be sure to correctly explain who is the owner or owner of the vehicle when insuring it.
  • If the first option doesn’t work, consider looking for alternative insurance companies that will allow a designated insured to purchase a policy for a vehicle that they do not own. In other words, the key is to find an insurance company that allows a designated driver (but not the owner) to insure the vehicle.

Important fact : Progressive Insurance offers policies for excluded insured drivers and insurance for vehicles that you do not own. Likewise, the rules can always vary by state, so check with an authorized representative in your city.

How to get car insurance without a license in the US?

There are a number of steps you can take when it comes to applying for an insurance policy for your car despite not having a license. Next, we describe how to deal with this situation:

  • First of all, car insurance without a license exists , and it is possible to apply for it even though the minimum requirement of a car policy is a driver’s license.
  • Some insurance companies allow you to provide documentation other than the driver’s license .
  • In certain cases, you can buy an insurance policy just by showing your consular registration number.
  • For citizens who do not have a consular registration , they can present official identification from another state or country, such as: A driver’s license from another nation.
  • People whose application is approved will have the opportunity to opt for coverage of civil liability , third party property and third party insurance; plus average coverage, uninsured motorist protection and medical expenses.
  • A person whose auto policy was approved (despite not having a driver’s license) is entitled to coverage for damage to the policy owner’s vehicle , roadside assistance , and tow truck.

Important fact : The approval of unlicensed insurance will depend exclusively on your state of residence . However, the most important thing to guarantee the success of the application is that you present documents with the name that will appear on your policy and that said document has a photograph.

Last resort to get unlicensed car insurance in the US

If you are still having difficulty obtaining auto coverage because you do not have a driver’s license, consider having your primary driver co-owning your vehicle. Normally, share the title of ownership of the vehicle to someone who is licensed, it will be reason enough for the coverage you need to be approved; although, the official owner of the car will continue to be excluded from the policy. However, approval of coverage should be achievable quite easily.

Your best option to find unlicensed auto insurance will be to speak with an independent agent in your area. These agents are generally licensed to issue auto insurance policies with different insurers; and they may be familiar with local companies that issue unlicensed auto insurance. In other words, we advise you to consult as many agencies as you can find; Remember that you should carefully study the rules and procedures of each insurer before applying for coverage.

It’s best to be honest about your license status when you get a car insurance quote. Remember, insurers issue an MVR, which stands for ” Automotive Vehicle Report” when calculating your premium. The MVR talks in detail about your driving history . Therefore, if you use a false or invalid driver’s license number, it will be recorded in your MVR and the insurance company can cancel your policy and even file legal charges.

Where can I get insurance for unlicensed cars within the US in Spanish?

If you are still determined to find unlicensed car insurance then this information interests you. Remember, auto insurance is a useful and important tool that can help you save thousands of dollars from unexpected accidents; Likewise, it is illegal to drive within the US if you do not have at least basic liability coverage.

Next, we describe 3 companies that offer unlicensed car insurance and have customer service in Spanish.

A-Abana Auto Insurance

A-Abana Auto Insurance is an insurer that offers auto insurance policies regardless of whether or not you have a driver’s license. You already know, if you drive your car without basic insurance you will be committing a crime within the United States. This company has an excellent reputation and in the event of a claim or collision it guarantees you coverage for damages according to the limit of your policy. Therefore, it is a great option when facing difficult moments .

Dulcinea Insurance

This is another great option for applying for auto insurance when you don’t have a driver’s license. This insurance company is headquartered in the city of Miami, FL. Among the main benefits it offers we have:

  • Individual auto insurance with coverage for common drivers.
  • Liability policy (Includes coverage of material damage and injuries to third parties)
  • PIP auto insurance
  • Protection against physical damage to the car (Funeral expenses coverage included)
  • Collision coverage (includes medical services regardless of who was at fault for the accident)

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance is another great insurance company with an excellent reputation among the Latino community residing in the US . This company is responsible for issuing unlicensed car insurance for Latinos in different US states such as:

  • Florida
  • Colorado
  • Massachusetts
  • New York
  • California
  • Texts
  • Pennsylvania
  • Illinois
  • New Jersey
  • Arizona

If you want to know more information about the coverage they offer, you can contact the customer service center by calling (855) 311 1168. Generally, the agents answer your requests in Spanish from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm and Saturdays from 9 am to 4 pm Finally, the official website of this insurer also offers the management and free quote of the policies online.

Frequent questions

Can I insure a car with someone else’s policy?

Yes, as long as you share an address with the main policy holder; that way, you are specifically named in that policy and the insurance company can accept your “unlicensed” or “suspended license” status. On the other hand, it can be quite difficult to find an insurance company that will agree to sell a policy if your driver’s license is invalid.

Should I keep my car insurance if I have a car but no longer have a license?

Yes, these types of formalities are maintained to avoid being penalized with higher fees (delay charges) due to the suspension of your license. Therefore, it is best to maintain the minimum liability coverage required in your state of residence. Remember, this measure applies even if you can no longer drive. That is, as long as your car is registered under US law, it must be insured.

How do I get auto insurance if I don’t have a license and have a designated driver?

Buy your own auto insurance policy and add an immediate family member as your main driver. In this way, you will immediately become an excluded driver; therefore, you will not have insurance coverage to drive but the documents of your vehicle will be in order before the law.

What insurance companies offer car insurance without a license?

One of the most famous insurers when it comes to issuing unlicensed policies is Geico. It is important to mention that, being a high-risk driver, premiums can suffer a considerable increase.

Can I buy a car and put it on my mom’s insurance if I don’t have a driver’s license?

Yes, you can add the car to your mother’s policy as long as you are on the policy as a designated driver. Remember, not all insurance companies will issue policies to people with a suspended driver’s license.

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