What is car rental refund insurance?


When you have an accident with your car and you can no longer use it to get to your home or your destination, you should find another alternative transportation. With rental car reimbursement insurance, you can avoid the worry of paying for a rental car. In this way you can have it all the time you need to reach your destination.

Rental cars can be expensive by the day and by the week. This is an expense that many times you have not considered making after an accident. For this reason, when the repairs of your car take several weeks and you must use transport, the insurance is responsible for covering the expenses of your rental.

How much does car rental reimbursement insurance cover?

  • Insurance can reimburse all or only part of a car rental.
  • Each day a limit amount and a total maximum per month is allocated. For example, if the daily rental of the car of your choice is $ 35 and your policy covers only $ 25, you should take care of the rest.
  • Insurers may have a total limit until you have your vehicle.

It is possible to use this insurance in two ways, which are as mentioned below:

  • Rent with a provider recommended by the insurer . Insurers have agreements in car rental establishments. If you use one of these for your car rental the process is easier. They take care of the paperwork, send the bill and the costs to your insurer.
  • Rent in an establishment of your choice. In this case you have to be responsible for the rental costs. This is because many times you must pay in advance. But your insurer is in charge of reimbursing the total of your expenses. Although in this case you must take care of all the paperwork, from forms, receipts and claims.

Can I get a rental refund when using other means of transportation?

The reimbursement insurance for car hire is not exclusive for automobiles, it is possible to get when public transport is used. For example, if you need to travel to your destination by metro or taxi, you can talk to the insurer to get reimbursement for expenses.

This insurance does not cover the expenses for renting a car for recreational reasons or for vacations. It also does not apply when your car is in the workshop for common maintenance.


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