How are the ISSSTE Loans 2020?


How are the ISSSTE Loans 2020?

The Institute of Social Security and Services for State Workers (ISSSTE) awards each year financing for your employees, which depends on the years of contributions of the worker and is aimed at those who have completed six months of seniority or more enrolled in the Institute’s social security regime.

In 2020, in the context of the health emergency caused by Covid-19, loans to State workers play an important role in counteracting the economic crisis that Mexican families are going through, as they benefit five million 786 thousand 819 employees and their families.

According to the authorities of the Institute, this year the loans will have an increase in the amount and a reduction in the interest rate, and the allocation of about 672 thousand loans that amount to a total amount of 35 billion pesos.

As several will need this benefit during the health contingency, the ISSSTE changed the way of granting financing and opted for the allocation of personal loans through an electronic lottery, so that all active workers, pensioners and retirees have the same possibility of accessing a personal loan.

How does the ISSSTE 2020 loan draw work?

To participate you need to be an active worker with more than 6 months of work seniority, be a pensioner or retired, without a current personal loan or debt for this concept.

For one year, 14 electronic draws, those corresponding to two per month, and those interested must register online from the portal: or at the State or Regional Office of the ISSSTE of the worker’s entity.

The registration process is free and if you have any questions about the assignment process, you can send an email to the Personal Loan Attention Center or by phone 55-40-00 -10-00, option 5.

Once you receive the confirmation email, those selected will be able to process your credit. If the email is not received during the first draw, it is possible to register throughout 2020 as the registration process will remain in effect for all assignments.

The loan amounts are determined based on the Basic Contribution Salary and the time of service provided. Discounts are made via payroll biweekly.

What are the ISSSTE personal loans 2020?

The loans available for 2020 are the following:

  • Ordinary loans (green leaf): ranging from 20,700 pesos to 36,800 pesos, from 9 to 24 months. With an interest rate that went from 9% to 12% and the term is from 9 to 24 months.
  • Special Loans (red sheet): 28 thousand to 258 thousand pesos with an interest rate that fell from 12% to 10.5% and a term of 16 to 24 months.
  • Memorial Loans (white / gray sheet): 42 thousand pesos to 212 thousand pesos with an interest rate that went from 14% to 12.5% ​​and with a term of 24 months.

Before the health contingency, the institute granted other loans more:

  • Social Tourism Loan or Pink Sheet: to make trips to the interior of the country with an amount and term that depends on each applicant.
  • Retiree Loans: they receive up to 31 thousand pesos if their pension is equal to or greater than 1.5 minimum wages. With an interest rate of 9% and a single term of 24 months.
  • Damaged Loans: to recover from some natural disaster. It has an interest rate of 9%, no matter how old it is, and the loan amount is 30 thousand pesos. The term to pay is from 72 to 120 fortnights.

Years listed


5 17, 550 pesos
5-10 22, 100 pesos
10-15 25, 350 pesos
15-20 28,600 pesos
More than 20 31,200 pesos

As for the terms to pay, it depends on the income of the worker, retiree or pensioner:

Applicant income


2 minimum wages 48 fortnights
2 to 4 minimum wages 36 fortnights
From 4 to 6 minimum wages 24 fortnights
More than 6 minimum wages 18 fortnights

How to check the account statement of an ISSSTE loan?

Also know as “Yellow or Mustard Leaf Loan ”, It is the one granted by the institute to acquire a car or a motorcycle. It has an interest rate of 14% and a single term of 72 fortnights to buy a car and 48 fortnights to buy a motorcycle.

The amount borrowed is as follows:

Years listed


5 154, 100 pesos
10 179,795 pesos
More than 10 205, 480 pesos

Dates of Electronic Draw for Personal Loans ISSSTE 2020




1 April 21-30 May 5
two May 6 to 26 May 28
3 June 1 to 15 June 16
4 June 16-30 1st of July
5 July 1 to 15 July 16th
6 July 16-30 July 31st
7 August 3-16 17 of August
8 August 17-30 August 31
9 September 1 to 15 September, 17th
10 September 17-30 October 1st
eleven October 1 to 15 October 16
12 October 16 to 31 November 3
13 November 3 to 16 November 17
14 November 17-30 December 1st

What is needed to contract an ISSSTE personal loan?

Some documents that must be presented in original and copy are the authorization of the printed loan from the ISSSTE Virtual Office, the payment stub, a proof of address valid for no more than 60 business days, and current official identification, such as INE, passport or professional identity card.

The documentation must be presented at the worker’s closest ISSSTE Subdelegation and after validation of the procedure, the check must be collected at the Cashier area.


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