How do Coppel personal loans work?


How do Coppel personal loans work?

A personal loan is not necessarily requested for an emergency, in some cases it is required to go on vacation, take a course, invest in a business, buy a durable good such as a washing machine or refrigerator, among other things. And this is something that Coppel knows, which is why it offers its clients a personal loan.

Requirements to have a Coppel personal loan

Those interested must be over 16 years old and under 85 years old. It is important to have a credit of at least six months in Coppel. Also a good credit history, so it will be necessary to buy often with the card and pay on time.

On the other hand, they will request an account at or be registered in the App and have a Bancoppel credit card linked to the credit.

In case of requesting the credit in a branch, it will be necessary to have the following on hand:

  • Valid official identification: voting credential, valid passport, professional identity card.
  • Proof of residence no more than three months old: electricity, telephone, natural gas bill, property tax bill, water bill.
  • Have an account to deposit money.
  • Sign the Multiple Agreement for the Opening of Credit.

How to apply for a loan online?

This is done in four easy steps:

  1. You enter the site
  2. The loan is offered when the client is a candidate to obtain one, so when entering your account you will see a message that authorizes a personal credit and to obtain it, you only have to click on “Obtain a loan”. You can also decline and take advantage of it when you need it and if you are a candidate.
  3. When accepting the loan, the platform will direct you to another page to select the amount and the term to pay it.
  4. The user must check if their bank details are correct and when confirming the loan, the money will be deposited in the chosen BanCoppel account, under the concept of “Loan”.

What is the process to request a Coppel loan by WhatsApp?

To send a message by this means to Coppel, the official site has a direct link to the bank’s WhatsApp, although you can also send a message to 1 800 220 7735

Before, it is important that the phone is registered on the platform. If this is not the case, the bot will send a link to register the cell phone, and it will be necessary to enter the customer number, date of birth and mobile number.

Once the cell phone has been registered, the Coppel bot will offer several assistance options, which includes “Request a loan”. When writing the option, the client will be confirmed what is the amount available for his credit and by that means he will be able to define the amount and the term to pay it. You will also need to confirm your card information.

It is important to mention that there is an opening hours to request a credit by WhatsApp, and it is from 4:00 am to 11:00 pm Mexico City time.

Advantages of a personal credit Coppel

The institution offers loans ranging from $ 400 to $ 40,000 pesos and pays them instantly, allowing the client to choose the term to pay, which are 12, 18 and 24 months without interest. When it is settled before the established period, interest is subsidized.

Payments can be made from the website in the application, WhatsApp, store and Oxxo.

Coppel loan interest

According to the Kardmatch site, the interest depends on the chosen terms:

  • 12 months: 41%
  • 18 months: 61.5%
  • 24 months: 82%

Bancoppel personal credit simulator

Another way to find out how much would be paid in the end for the credit is with its loan simulator found on its web portal ( Although for now, it only has the term of 12 months.

To use it, you only need to enter the desired loan amount and the term (12 months). For instance, when entering an amount of $ 10,000 pesos At a 12-month term, the simulator specifies that the monthly payment will be $ 1,282.38 pesos. The interest rate will be 76%, and in total, the user would be paying $ 15,388.58 pesos, more than $ 5,000 pesos.

Other options for applying for a loan

No matter how urgently a loan is needed, it is important to compare the options, because there will be other institutions with less interest or with greater flexibility in terms. To do this, RAstreator Mexico offers a personal loan comparator online with various lenders.

To use the loan quote, you must enter the amount of money you need, ranging from $ 1,000 pesos to $ 300,000 pesos; and the terms to pay it (from 1 days to 36 months). Once this information is entered, the user will see other loan options along with the requirements to request it.

Comparing with several credit institutions is an alternative to make the best decision, and with a comparator like Rastreator’s, the job will be much easier. It is important to note that there are entities that do not need to verify the credit bureau of the interested party to offer the loan, but it is very likely that the interests will be higher.


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