How much coverage do i need on my auto insurance?

Each person has different needs, drivers of a car just out of the agency will not look for the same thing as someone who drives an old car. But both of you need to be financially protected to deal with any issues that arise with your vehicle. This is possible thanks to auto insurance.

Within auto insurance there are different coverages, each one designed for different needs. Knowing how much coverage you need will depend on factors like your car type, lifestyle, ability to pay, and city.

Liability coverage in auto insurance

This is coverage that is required by law within many cities in the United States. It is the backup that protects in the event of an accident and when a third party is damaged. It pays for physical injuries by covering medical expenses and also for damages caused to the car. So, in case you are responsible for the accident, this coverage prevents you from carrying a high financial responsibility.

Keep in mind that the slightest damage to the other vehicle can result in repairs for several thousand dollars. But the amount this coverage provides depends on the risks of the holder and their income. It is always good to be one step ahead, therefore the coverage for civil liability should be a little higher than requested according to the law in the state where you are.

Coverage against uninsured drivers

In the United States, there are approximately 21 states that legally require coverage against uninsured motorists. In this way, drivers are protected by a minimum required by law against accidents caused by these uninsured motorists. Although in the rest of the states the number of people who do not have insurance is higher, this causes great financial losses for those who are insured.

This coverage takes care of the injuries you and your passenger suffer when the other driver is responsible for the accident. The ideal amount of coverage is always higher than the minimum recommended. This is because sometimes the minimum is not enough to cover expenses.

Auto insurance coverage for medical expenses

Without a doubt, one of the most important in auto insurance, but also one of the most expensive. However, when it comes to physical well-being, skimping is not a choice. This is coverage for the auto insurance holder, in addition to including the damages suffered by passengers in the event that the holder is responsible for the incident.

The amount may vary since medical coverage can be individually for each passenger. In some cases, each of them can go from 500 usd to 10,000 usd. In general, it should be higher than the minimum offered as this covers unforeseen injuries that result after the accident.

When you don’t have enough coverage, you are exposed to financial losses. People could face lawsuits, uncomfortable situations to apply for personal loans and even put the family assets at risk. Having a car insurance with the necessary coverage avoids falling into a terrible financial crisis.

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