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At Info Insurances we are known for being the most efficient car insurance comparator in the country, a place we have earned by working with the best insurance companies in the country, and one of them is Seguros Inbursa, a company that is part of the most powerful financial group in USA, Mexico and Latin America.

But it is the attention that Seguros de Autos Inbursa has for you, through this one it offers you services of the highest quality, which are at the height of all the risks in which you could be involved, with covers that are really based on the needs that are always present in its customers.

Auto Total Inbursa is a modality designed precisely to take care of the vehicle sector, and it includes a wide variety of services, which know how to adapt both to the economic possibilities and to the type of protection that every user is looking for, considering to a great extent both the model and the age.

Inbursa Seguros de Autos is one of the insurance brands with the greatest presence at a national level, a place that has been earned by offering the best premiums. Besides, Aseguradora Inbursa has policies designed for the care of cars, vans, and also motorcycles, all of them with an assistance that is at your disposal whenever you need it.

Your Inbursa Auto Insurance takes care of you always!

Moving on to one of the most important points regarding your Inbursa Auto Insurance policy, which protects you all over the country, and backs you up at all times, against any circumstance, and for this reason we tell you a little more about the services you will receive, such as

  • Civil Liability: This is one of the most outstanding services, since it is based on being a coverage that will take care of you in case of any kind of unforeseen event in which you get involved, taking into account the damages that you could cause to a third party in their property or for the personal injuries caused, this takes into account even the damages to national property.

  • Roadside Assistance: Roadside assistance coverage includes services for the care of your vehicle, which covers attention to mechanical failures, such as a flat tire, power failure, preventive service by a mechanic, in addition to sending fuel, or a tow truck, among many other assistance coverages.

  • Material Damages: Whether it is partial or total, this is a service that is offered for the care of your vehicle, considering the damages that may be caused or suffered by your vehicle, where Inbursa Seguros guarantees the amounts for compensation, among many others, to ensure your economic well-being.

What’s the best coverage for Seguros Inbursa? We’ll tell you!

At Info Insurances we know how important a car insurance is, and how timely it becomes for your wellbeing, for this reason we show you all the coverage that Seguros Inbursa de Autos has for you so that you can choose the option that best suits you:






Civil Liability

$4,000,000 MN

3,500,000 MN

3,000,000 MN

$2,000,000 MN

CR Abroad

$200,000 USD

100,000 USD

100,000 USD

$50,000 USD

RC Extension

Material Damage

Commercial Value 5%

Commercial Value 10%.



Total Theft



Medical Expenses

$250,000 MN

200,000 MN

100,000 MN

100,000 MN

Auto Substitute / Driver



Roadside Assistance

Legal Advice

Legal Advice



As you can see, all the covers offer you quality services, while in the case of the plus package, this includes a series of variants with increases in the compensation and insured amounts that are applied, in addition to covering all the risks in which you could be involved.

The plus package covers claims that could be caused abroad, covering expenses generated by hotel stays, car rentals, payment of transfers made, among many other covers that will be included.

Take out your policy with Aseguradora Inbursa and get lots of benefits!

So that you can find out more about the Auto Inbursa Insurance, at Info Insurances we tell you a little about all the benefits you will receive, as this is one of the most important points that you should consider according to everything you might need.

Aseguradora Inbursa offers you many services and coverages that end up being a benefit for you and your patrimony, especially if we take into account how all these are of great help to face all kinds of unforeseen events, besides becoming a support for you, and so that you know more about them, we tell you about them:

  • When requesting your assistance in the event of an alleged accident, Seguros Inbursa allows you to know the place where you can take your car, as well as to determine whether you want to go there or not

  • Aseguradora Inbursa is one of the few companies that knows the needs of all its customers, especially when we talk about a claim, the guarantees that are always present, besides being aware of the arrival times, because if it exceeds 30 minutes, $ 200 pesos per minute will be discounted, which will be deducted directly from your deductible.

  • A guarantee of payment is established, which will be made within a maximum period of 48 hours, this in case of total loss, or for property damage, among many other situations in which you are involved.

  • With Seguros Inbursa you will have access to a wide network of adjusters, which are located all over Mexico and will arrive at the place of the incident once you report it, besides allowing you to consult its exact location, user’s name, among other characteristics.

  • You will get exclusive benefits and special discounts for cars, vans, motorcycles, pickups, etc. All of this will be according to each customer’s profile, considering gender, age, occupation, zip code, as well as the date when the policy contract ends, although after this you will have the opportunity to renew your Auto Inbursa Insurance, in which loyalty or the claim itself will be rewarded.

What coverage can you add to your insurance with Inbursa?

Now we move on to one of the most important points where Aseguradora Inbursa stands out for being considered among the best companies in the whole country, and that is why we tell you a little more about the additional coverage the company has for you, taking into account the type of policy you have.

And to inform you a little more about all the additions you can make to your Inbursa Car Insurance, here we show them to you:

Additional Coverage





Accidental Death


ELID Clause



Invoice Value




Excess RC

Satellite Equipment


The ELID Clause refers to the Elimination of Deductible for Loss of Members, which remains available to you in the event of these possible mishaps, which can only be contracted for the Plus and Extended coverages.

While the invoice value refers only and exclusively to the latest model cars, because if you do not have these features, you simply can not access it.

Have you ever heard of i-Mobile? It’s the Inbursa app you use to carry your car insurance on your Smartphone!

Developed as a platform that becomes useful to take a step towards the technological vanguard, since i-Móvil is the application with which you can already carry out all kinds of queries, transactions, among many other activities related to your insurance with Inbursa.

Available for Android and iOS devices, this tool is free of charge and has many features that are convenient for you, such as

  • Report a claim from a button on your smartphone, and it automatically links you to an advisor who will follow up, as well as allowing you to provide the details of the adjuster who is on the way, or if necessary, report on everything you have to do while you wait for his arrival.

  • With its GPS you can follow the path of your adjuster, as well as its location in real time.

  • And to be aware of the repair of your vehicle, or the statement about the partial and/or total loss of it, this can be consulted from your app, also indicating all the documents that you will have to submit to receive the payment of your compensation.

What is the coverage that you should hire with Aseguradora Inbursa? We tell you!

Not all vehicles can be insured with basic coverage, but not all are recommended for a wide or elite. This all depends largely on the model of your car, as insurance for a late-model vehicle is not the same as for one that is more than 10 years old.

That is why when you quote your policy with Seguros Inbursa, you will receive a totally personalized attention by one of our advisors, so you can clear up all your doubts to choose the coverage that suits you best, considering from the economic aspects to the same protection you are looking for for your car.

And with different types of plans, you will be the one who chooses the care you want for your vehicle, providing the support you need to travel throughout Mexico, in addition to complying with the obligations that have been imposed by the relevant authorities in the various states of the country that today require at least a liability insurance.

Take out your policy with Inbursa Auto Insurance in Seconds!

At Info Insurances we are concerned about your well-being, mainly so that you can receive all the services that are appropriate for the care of your vehicle. And if you think this is too late, you were wrong, because our advisers will give you the attention you need, so you can get your policy in less than 2 minutes.

Having the support of Seguros Inbursa gives you the certainty of feeling protected all over Mexico and abroad, besides receiving all the solutions to any kind of inconvenience that may arise, since with an Inbursa Auto Insurance policy you are assuring yourself against all kinds of situations, such as

  • Immediate compensation for theft or material damage.

  • All medical expenses for driver and accompanying persons.

  • Network of adjusters throughout the country.

With Info Insurances you can also renew your Inbursa Car Insurance!

Your policy with Seguros Inbursa is about to expire, with Info Insurances it is very easy to renew your car insurance. Don’t stop enjoying all the benefits Inbursa has for you

You will only have to contact one of our advisors who will help you with your application. Even if you want to extend your coverage, you can easily do so to continue taking care of your car against any situation you might be involved in.