QUÁLITAS Auto Insurance

Do you have a car but not insurance? Quálitas is your Best Option!

Quálitas is one of the most popular insurers in Mexico to protect people’s lives and assets, standing out especially for its auto insurance, which provides the most complete coverage against the main threats and dangers faced by drivers in our country.

The more than 20 years of experience of Quálitas Seguros in the Mexican market have made them experts who are aware of the main needs and demands of drivers in the country and of their own vehicles.

Seguros Quálitas has stood out for implementing the most innovative coverage and services hand in hand with the best cutting-edge technology to guarantee support for each of its clients in any situation, place and time they need it.

Quálitas Insurance has the most varied range of coverage offers to adapt to all types of cars and the work they do, so you can be sure that in Quálitas Seguros you will always find the best option at the most accessible price.

The Quálitas insurance policy covers all types of vehicles, whether individuals, companies, transport apps, taxis, public transport, tourists, etc.

In addition, each of the Quálitas Seguros packages has the minimum services required to meet the requirements of mandatory auto insurance, but they also have comprehensive policies designed for people with the most demanding needs.

That is why at Info Insurances we work hand in hand with Seguros Quálitas, always guaranteeing the best coverage and offers at the best price on the market.

In this way you can start driving and save with one of the most efficient, prestigious and reliable services in the country.

Why hire my auto insurance with Quálitas Compañía de Seguros?

There are many reasons why Quálitas car insurance is your best option to insure your car, your safety and that of your companions on all your trips and transfers.

It is one of the companies with the greatest coverage in the territory, with one of the most extensive adjuster networks in the entire country, so you can be confident that you will always receive assistance in the shortest time possible.

In addition, Quálitas Seguros has exclusive services and benefits that you will not be able to find with any other insurer, such as:

  • Civil Liability for up to $ 5 million pesos throughout Mexico and $ 200 thousand dollars abroad.
  • Medical expenses for the driver and companions $ 200 thousand pesos per person.
  • Network of workshops throughout the Mexican Republic.
  • Roadside assistance with no event limit on all your trips.
  • Financing for months without interest.
  • Legal assistance with payment of bail for up to $ 1 million pesos.
  • Quálitas Substitute Car for material damage or theft for up to 30 days.
  • Q-Móvil App to report claims and carry out your procedures through your smartphone.

In addition, with Quálitas Insurance you will always have personalized professional attention 24 hours a day, 365 days a year anywhere in Mexico and in the United States.

Another advantage that this company offers you is that you can protect all types of vehicles with specialized auto policies, among which are:

  • Automobiles
  • Motorcycles
  • Pick Ups.
  • Trucks
  • Tractor trucks.

All these transports, due to their characteristics and uses, require specialized coverage that you can only find with the Quálitas insurer.

What does Quálitas Auto Insurance protect me against?

Quálitas car insurance provides protection against the main risks to which every driver in Mexico and the world is exposed when driving or even when they just leave their car parked somewhere.

We know that events such as collisions, accidents, car theft and auto parts, assaults, vandalism, natural disasters, and other adverse circumstances are completely unpredictable, so being prevented with insurance is essential.

This is why Seguros Quálitas protects you with the following basic coverages:

  • Civil Liability:Also known as Quálitas third party damage insurance, it covers the costs of damages to people outside the car, whether they be material damage, medical expenses or repair of damage to public furniture.
  • Medical Expenses:Quálitas Auto Insurance covers expenses for medical services in the event that the driver or occupants are injured in an accident, this includes ambulance services, hospitals, surgeries, medications, etc.
  • Material Damage:Quálitas México covers material damage caused to your car, either in the mechanical or aesthetic part, before which you will be given financial support for the repair, in addition to offering you the service of certified workshops and agencies.
  • Total Theft:In case you suffer the total theft of your car, you will be compensated for the agreed value of the car in your policy so that you can replace it for one of similar characteristics.
  • Legal Defense:If you find yourself involved in legal problems due to your responsibility in an incident associated with your vehicle, Quálitas Auto insurance will provide you with defense and legal advice to be able to carry out the process. It can also include the payment of fines and bonds for your freedom.
  • Roadside Assistance:If your car gets stranded due to a mechanical failure, you will be supported with unlimited events, in which you will have services such as tire change, fuel supply, power switch and towed to a mechanical workshop.
  • Death to the Driver:In the event that the driver unfortunately dies accidentally, Quálitas policy will provide compensation to its beneficiaries for the established amount, in addition it will also run with the corresponding procedures and funeral expenses.

What are the Auto Packages that Quálitas offers?

Like most insurers, Quálitas Seguros Autos offers various packages or plans to insure your car, depending on the characteristics of the vehicle, your coverage needs and the budget that you can allocate to invest in the policy.

In this way, Quálitas México seeks to adapt to different audiences and types of drivers, always offering a suitable package to each of the different needs and possibilities of Mexicans.

At Info Insurances we bring you the most complete information on the packages that Seguros Quálitas offers and the services and coverage they contain.

You can also contract Additional Coverages to customize your Quálitas Insurance!

Quálitas Seguros also gives you the possibility of contracting a series of additional coverages that are not normally found in your insurance packages such as auto.

Obtaining them is completely optional and they are available for all those people and cars that have specific needs or higher than most vehicles.

They currently have a list of these benefits that you can hire depending on the base package that you already have assigned.

These are:

  • Cross Liability:Damage to property owned by the same insured and injuries caused to third parties involved in the accident.
  • Trailer towing: Itprotects the damages to third parties in their goods and people that are caused with the trailer towed by our vehicle by means of the mechanisms and appropriate devices for this purpose.
  • Extension of coverage:The coverage of civil liability for damages to third parties and legal expenses is extended to the policy holder or in the case of a legal entity, to the usual driver when he or she drives a vehicle other than the insured, provided that it has the same characteristics of use of the insured vehicle.
  • Special equipment:Covers the damage, theft or total loss suffered by the special equipment installed in the vehicle, such as video, audio systems or any accessory installed apart from those that the manufacturer includes.
  • Adaptations and conversions:Covers damage, theft and total loss of adaptations or conversions in the vehicle body, coating, structure or modified mechanisms in addition to the original ones of the car.
  • Transportation expenses due to total loss of the vehicle:Covers transportation expenses or assigns a rented car when, due to accident or theft, the user is unable to continue using their car.
  • Deductible exemption:The deductible charge is omitted, which can be 5% in the case of material damage and 10% in the case of the total theft of the unit.
  • Material damage to tires:Covers the repair and replacement of tires in case they are damaged due to a crash, puncture, pothole, etc.

To obtain most of these additional or optional benefits, you must first have the Comprehensive Package, the most extensive and complete of the available options.

In Quálitas Quálitas Infoinsurances.com you can quote the cost of all these additional coverage in your insurance to optimally complement your protection against any incident.

What is the difference between the Insurance offered by Quálitas?

As you can see when you quote Quálitas auto insurance and in the table above, there are different types of packages that you can hire depending on your needs and the budget you have to invest.

However, each of them is also focused on a certain specific audience, with differences to adapt to the types of car according to its utility, value and state in which it is.

Basic package

This is the most austere and essential of the insurance packages offered by Quálitas México, which basically focuses on covering the requirements of the mandatory auto insurance imposed by law since 2019.

It focuses primarily on providing coverage of civil liability for damages to third parties, however, as a special benefit of Quálitas Seguros, it also includes a series of additional protections for the beneficiary of the Quálitas insurance policy, which are:

  • Possibility of acquiring Civil Liability extension.
  • Legal expenses.
  • Medical expenses for car occupants.
  • Quálitas road assistance.
  • RC in the United States of America.

This insurance is only recommended for cars older than 12 years, or that have a reduced value in the market due to wear or mechanical and aesthetic conditions.

With Quálitas Insurance, quoting your insurance and knowing which package suits you is quite simple, in addition to receiving all the advice from Info Insurances to be able to take the best option.

Quálitas Seguros Limited Package

This is the next level of insurance from the Quálitas Insurance Company, which continues to be an austere and economical plan, however, in this plan there will be the plus of insuring the car against the total theft of the unit.

In the event that this happens, Quálitas policy will be responsible for giving all legal advice and supporting the beneficiary with the search for the car.

In the event that it does not recover after 30 days (average by insurers), you will be paid compensation by Seguros Quálitas for the agreed value of the vehicle in the policy (this may vary between invoice, commercial or agreed value) .

In this way you will have the resources to be able to replace the loss of the vehicle due to one of similar characteristics to the one you had.

In this case, Quálitas Auto Insurance usually applies a deductible charge of 10% on the average value of the vehicle.

This package is only recommended for cars over 10 years old or with a low market value, which do not have adaptations, conversions or special equipment.

With Quálitas insurance, quote if this package suits you, it will only take you 10 seconds.

Quálitas Seguros Plus Package

This package includes, apart from the benefits mentioned above in its predecessors, protection against the total loss of the car due to material damage.

Quálitas Seguros contemplates all catastrophic damages that may occur to the car due to theft, collisions, natural disasters, vandalism, protests, fires, floods, explosions, falling objects, etc.

If the cost of the damage, including labor and spare parts, exceeds 65% of the total sum insured, it will be considered as a total loss, and compensation will be paid to the insured.

Similarly, this package from the Quálitas insurance company provides protection to the car driver against accidents and in the event of death due to an external accident that occurs.

With Quálitas Quálitas Cotizador through Infoinsurances.com you will be able to know the exact price of your plus package policy.

Quálitas Insurance Comprehensive Package

This Quálitas policy is the most complete and exclusive offered by Quálitas Insurance, which, added to all the services of the aforementioned packages, includes coverage against material damage, cancellation of deductible for collisions or rollovers, and the possibility of acquiring all the additional or optional coverages.

In addition, the insurance amounts are higher than those of the previous packages, guaranteeing the best support and compensation in case of any accident or unforeseen event.

To contract this policy, the Quálitas Seguros car must meet certain requirements, such as not being older than 15 years old, however this policy is mainly recommended for late model vehicles or with an age of no more than 5 years.

How to choose the right Quálitas Auto Insurance for me?

Despite having consulted all the above information on the coverage and services offered by each Quálitas package, it is likely that you still have doubts about which insurance is best for you.

We know that it is not a simple decision, because there are many aspects to consider when quálitas auto insurance quotes, this ranges from the price, form of financing and the same protections that the service will give you.

That is why at Info Insurances, apart from Quálitas Quálitas Quálitas, we will give you some tips so that you can choose the best auto insurance wisely and wisely.

  • Take into account the crime incidence:We know that in Mexico robberies, car thefts and auto parts are unfortunately an everyday thing, so we do know that we live or travel in especially vulnerable areas with high criminal rates, it is better to protect our equity against this risk. Quálitas Quálitas takes into account the risk of your home to quote the price.
  • Risk of road accidents: Roadaccidents are probably the most common accident suffered by all drivers in the world, due to various external and internal factors. Therefore, if we know that we have a high probability of having an accident, be it due to traffic, road conditions, weather, or our own driving skills, it is better that we are protected with Quálitas Quálitas.
  • Threats inherent to the place where you reside:Many times the place where we live has certain adverse characteristics that can damage our car, such as the climate or natural phenomena typical of the region, so you must be prevented in case it occurs. With Quálitas Insurance, quoting material damage coverage is quite simple.
  • Frequency of car use:How much we use the car is also a determining factor when choosing our Quálitas car insurance, because depending on it we may need more or less coverage. If we use the vehicle constantly, we will need the most extensive of the packages, but if it is only for occasional use, it is likely that the most basic coverage will be enough.
  • Car use:Finally, we must consider why we use the vehicle, depending on whether it is a private, commercial, transport, school, cargo, tourist, taxi, Uber, etc; this will have different specific needs. With Quálitas insurance, it is possible to quote the different uses of vehicles.

Take into account all these points to be able to determine which service you need, however, Quálitas Quálitas Info Insurances is also a very good and efficient tool that will help you determine in a matter of seconds the insurance that best suits you.

Likewise, at Infoinsurances.com we have expert professionals to advise you so that you can quote and compare Quálitas Auto Insurance.

Did you know that Quálitas also has its own app? Meet Q-Móvil!

Quálitas Seguros has not lagged behind in terms of the implementation of technology and the use of digital media, which is why they have also developed Q-Móvil, their own app for mobile devices.

It is a Quálitas Seguros compatible platform for smartphones and tablets, in which you can take all the information and services of your policy to hand wherever you go.

In this app from the Quálitas insurance company you can:

  • Consult all the information of your Quálitas Mexico auto policy.
  • Report any type of accident or loss in real time.
  • Share your location to be assisted by an insurance adjuster from Quálitas Insurance.
  • Request medical or emergency support.
  • Make payments for your Quálitas car insurance.
  • Hire additional services.
  • Carry out procedures and supervise their progress.
  • Search for nearby establishments, such as gas stations, restaurants, hospitals and any place of interest within a radius of 3 km.
  • Request for road assistance Quálitas Auto Insurance in case of mechanical failure.

In this way, in a single platform you will have access to all the services and functions of Seguros Quálitas, saving time and inconvenience for any procedure or request.

This Quálitas Auto Insurance app is available and free for download in the Play Store and Apple Store, and is correspondingly compatible with Android and IOS systems.

You only need to register with your policy number to have access to the most useful and important tool for your safety while traveling in your vehicle.

Use Quálitas Quálitas to learn more about the benefits of this app.

What to do in the event of a Loss or Accident?

In order to use Quálitas Seguros effectively, it is necessary that we know the basic procedures that we must follow in case we suffer an accident and need the help of this service.

If you get to suffer a crash or any accident during your trips on the road or in the city, what you should do is:

  • Remain calm and communicate immediately with the insurer, you can do it through the telephone lines that they put at your disposal or through the app on your cell phone.
  • Indicate what happened to the advisor, in this case you should request medical attention or emergency bodies if you or someone else was injured in the accident.
  • Wait for the adjuster’s arrival at the site, thanks to Quálitas’ wide network, they will not take more than 30 minutes to arrive at the site.
  • Try to move your car as little as possible from the place, as well as the parts that come off it.
  • Do not make any personal contact, conflict or accept any responsibility with the people involved until your adjuster arrives.
  • The adjuster will be responsible for evaluating the damages and determining the causes and those responsible for the loss.
  • At the end of the review, depending on what happened, he will be the one who will issue the payment orders for the repair of the damages, either to you or to third parties.

What are the requirements to contract Quálitas Seguros?

Contracting your auto policy with Quálitas Seguros is quite simple, since the requirements to obtain it right now are minimal.

First of all, use Quálitas, a quote from Infoinsurances.com to find the most appropriate policy for you and your vehicle.

Once you know which is the most convenient, the only thing that will be asked of you will be:

  • Full name.
  • RFC.
  • Official identification.
  • Proof of address.
  • Postal Code.
  • Phone.
  • Email.
  • Driver’s license.
  • Being over 18 years.

As for your car, you must provide:

  • Brand.
  • Model.
  • Year.
  • Versión.
  • Color.
  • Serial number.
  • Engine serial number.
  • Plates.
  • Circulation card.

And voila, with these simple data you can start enjoying the most complete and efficient protection in Mexico.

Quálitas Quálitas Insurance with Info Insurances!

In Infoinsurances.com you can compare and quote Quálitas auto insurance in a matter of seconds, easily, quickly and safely.

You just have to enter our quote, enter some simple information about yourself and your car, and in less than 10 seconds we will show you the cost and the package that best suits you.

In this way you can be sure of finding the most complete protection that suits your needs, demands and the budget that you can allocate to the service.

Don’t wait any longer and start saving time and money with Info Insurances!