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Find all the information you need from  State Farm Insurance. You will know the insurance and coverage with prices, the customer service telephone numbers and the opinions that this insurer has.

State Farm is a company whose primary focus is policy ownership. Currently, State Farm has 58,000 employees and is 19,000, independent agents who sell more than 83 million policies throughout the United States . Remember, choosing the ideal insurance comes from a careful analysis and comparison.

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All About State Farm Insurance

State Farm Service Telephone Numbers

To find out about prices, quotes, in addition to solving doubts or queries, you can contact the Global Call Center, through 1- (800-782-8332) . Also, you can contact an authorized agent through the Official Feedback Form .

Customer Service Hours:

Monday to Friday from 6:00 am – 11:00 pm (Central Time)

Saturdays and Holidays from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm (Central Time)

Sundays from 8:00 am – 6:00 pm (Central Time)

Customer Service for Community Offers

You can call 1-888-559-1922 if you have questions about Community Offers. It is important to mention that not all regions within the United States have this option.

Customer Phones for the hearing or speech impaired

Call 711 or use a preferred Telecommunications Relay Service.

Phones to solve Technical Problems

To resolve any technical issues, including help accessing your account online, call 1-888-559-1922 . You can also fill out the Technical Comments Form .

Customer Service Telephone Claims

You can file a Claim online , where you can get updates on your case 24/7. Also, the following communication channels are available:

Auto / Home / Property Claims: 1-800-732-5246
Auto Glass Only Claim: 1- 888-624-4410
Health Insurance Claims: 1- 866-855-1212
Life Insurance Claims: 1-877- 292-0398

Phones for Emergency Road Services

You can call 1-877-627-5757 , the operators are available 24/7. Also, you can request Online Assistance from the official website.

Customer Service for Insurance Payments

Visit Online Payment Options or call 1-800-440-0998, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At this point, it’s always important to have your key code handy (State Farm Insurance members only).

Phones State Farm Bank Accounts

Call 1-877-734-2265 for State Farm bank account information, quotes and claims.

State Farm Bank Tax Qualified Accounts

Contact through the 1-877-734-226 5.

Web Oficial State Farm Insurance

State Farm Insurance, has comprehensive care and an official website 100%. Although, if you want to consult all the services and characteristics of the policies in English, you can click here .

Insurance Car State Farm Insurance

Shock Insurance or Collision State Farm Insurance

Collision coverage is ideal to help you pay for all costs associated with a crash or to completely repair your car when it has been damaged in a crash. This means that you will have guaranteed coverage in case of car accidents, this policy covers temporary substitute cars, newly acquired cars and cars that you are using, but that do not belong to anyone in your home.

It is important to mention that this coverage does not include risk factors such as: Theft, floods, hail, fire, animal strikes, storms and vandalism. If you want full coverage, you must purchase a comprehensive auto policy .

Do you want to know more information about this policy? Click here .

Coverage Insurance Extends Complete State Farm Insurance

Comprehensive coverage is an ideal type of insurance for repairs and replacements of your vehicle when it has been stolen or damaged, in cases that have no connection whatsoever with collisions or rollover . With this policy you will get coverage in case of damage by fire, wind, hail, flood, theft, vandalism, falling objects and collisions with animals.

Comprehensive coverage extends beyond your own vehicle, since you can also include those that are temporary such as rented ones. Lastly, full coverage insurance covers those cars that you are using but are not owned by anyone in the household.

If you want to contact an authorized agent to contract this service, in addition to knowing characteristics and prices, click here .

Civil Liability Coverage Insurance

Liability insurance is an essential part of any auto insurance you purchase. In fact, in 49 states, including the District of Columbia, the purchase of a policy of this type must be mandatory. This service can be of great help when you have a car accident and are considered the “at fault” party . If you purchase liability insurance, your insurance will be able to cancel the damages to other parties involved in the accident when they are injured .

In almost all states, they require minimal liability insurance. However, it is important to resort to insurance with slightly higher premiums that guarantee complete coverage in the event of road accidents.

For more information about this service, click here .

Car rental and travel expense coverage State Farm Insurance

The coverage of this type of policies for travel expenses pays for you everything related to meals, accommodation and transportation if your vehicle is disabled in an incident covered by your comprehensive insurance (whether or not quoted in State Farm) or from collision more than 50 miles from your home.

It includes:

  • Car rental expenses . State Farm will pay the specified amount of your policy when you rent a car while your personal car is out of service for repair.
  • Travel expenses . Covers payments for meals, lodging and transportation home, with a margin of up to $ 500 for all covered persons.

Do you want to know more information about this policy? Visit the coverage of car rental and travel expenses .

Uninsured Motor Vehicle Insurance State Farm Insurance

Uninsured motor vehicle coverage helps pay for medical expenses in hypothetical cases where you are injured (as a driver) in an accident caused by someone who does not have liability insurance .

This coverage includes:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Damages related to your car

For more information on the scope, characteristics and other questions of this policy, click here .

Underinsured Motor Vehicle Insurance State Farm Insurance

If someone hurts you in an accident, your liability insurance must pay for everything related to medical expenses. This policy is ideal for when you are involved in a claim where the other party does not have enough liability insurance .

Includes coverage in:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Damages related to your car

Do you need insurance of this type? Click here for characteristics, prices and quotes.

Medical Payment Coverage

Medical payments coverage can go a long way toward paying for medical and funeral expenses when a person covered by the policy, and even the policyholder, passengers, or a family member is injured in a car accident, without matter who is responsible.

This policy includes:

  • Injuries that exceed the coverage amount of your policy
  • Damage caused to vehicles or other property

For more information on medical payment coverage, visit the official website.

Roadside Emergency Assistance Policy

If you have Emergency Road Service coverage and your vehicle breaks down, State Farm Insurance will pay for all the emergency services you need, such as:

  • Mechanics close to the area where the fault occurred
  • Car towing to nearest repair centers
  • Trailer due to jam
  • Delivery of various products such as: Gasoline, oil, tires, battery
    Tow to the nearest repair place if the covered vehicle cannot be driven.
  • Locksmith worker to unlock a car in case of loss of keys.

If you are interested in this type of policy, do not hesitate to consult characteristics and coverage, right here .

Coverage for rideshare drivers

This insurance policy is ideal for those who wish to become ride-share company drivers . By purchasing this insurance, you are buying a supplement to your personal auto insurance policy, therefore, it is considered an ideal option for drivers of companies such as: Uber and Lyft.

This benefit includes:

  • Health insurance
  • Road emergency
  • Car rental reimbursement

Do you want to know more information about this coverage? Visit the carpool policy on the official website.

Seguro de Moto State Farm Insurance

State Farm motorcycle insurance is the best-selling in the USA, since it is a company that covers more than 18% of the automotive market . Their policies are used to insure 2 and 3-wheelers with permits to circulate on public roads. All motorcycle policies at State Farm include:

  • Bodily injury caused to third parties . Indemnification and coverage of medical bills for injuries you have caused to others with your motorcycle.
  • Own bodily injury coverage . The insurance takes care of covering all your medical procedures in case you have been collided by an uninsured vehicle.
  • Insured motorcycle damage coverage . Which covers all damages caused to your motorcycle as a result of an accident. Depending on the type of policy you choose, it can also include a car involved in the accident.
  • Theft of the motorcycle . The protection covers damage too, even if it was in storage, it also covers: Fire and vandalism.
  • Paint and special accessories . Covers additional repair costs and even special paint jobs.
  • Emergency expenses on the road . Covers last minute expenses on the road for an immediate repair, towing the motorcycle or such basic features as a fuel tank, as well as damage to protective equipment.
  • Travel interruption expenses . Covers expenses on the road in case of motorcycle failures, such as transportation, lodging and food.

Do you want to know more information about this service? Click here .

State Farm Insurance Liability Insurance

State Farm liability insurance ranked 21st in sales in the industry in a 2016 survey. State Farm’s share of this market was 1.27%. It is one of the services most required by the loyal clients of this insurer , and its main policies include:

Vehicle Civil Liability

This coverage specializes in covering medical expenses for bodily injury of third parties, damage to property and repair of vehicles of others involved in an accident of which the insured is at fault.

Civil Liability for Condominium Associations

It includes various protections such as: Civil liability of directors and officers, as well as protection in case of lawsuits for allegedly unlawful acts of directors and officers.

Broad General Civil Liability

It covers both bodily injury, third party property damage and personal injury, including defamation.

Homeowners insurance

Liability protection for bodily injury, property and personal damage caused by facilities or owner in case of defamation.

Renters insurance

Legal protection that covers the costs of repairing property damage and injury to third parties.

General civil liability

Protection for businesses for damage to third parties in property and bodily injuries due to activities of the company and employees in general.

Professional civil liability

Specific legal coverage according to the professional activities carried out, to protect in case of lawsuits for errors or omissions.

Civil liability for non-profit organizations

Protection for directors and officers in case of lawsuits for illegal acts, real or not. In addition, it can cover the organization in case of employee demands for working conditions.

Umbrella Protection

Extension of coverage in civil liability to be used when the amounts insured in the specific vehicle, home or business policies are exhausted.

To learn about coverage, services and personalized characteristics of each of the liability plans, click here .

State Farm Business Insurance

State Farm business insurance is designed to meet the specific needs of each company according to its management and market. The plans covered by this type of policy are:

Homeowner Association Business Policy

Protection for the building against damage, in addition to general liability coverage, general liability for directors and other positions, employee dishonesty, protection against inflation, extra expenses for lost income and other protections.

Contractors and Home Services Insurance

Appropriate protection for plumbers, electricians, painters, and other small businesses that have specific risks from their activities.

Policy for distributors and wholesalers

Protection for buildings, assets and loss of income due to suspension of activities.

Restaurants and food businesses

Various special toppings for candy stores, pastry shops, bakeries, pizzerias and all kinds of restaurants. In addition, this plan includes protection for the building, loss of income, civil liability, in addition to other coverages.

Health insurance

It is a complete coverage for an administrative building, assets and activities in the event of claims. This insurance is suitable for dentists, chiropractors, and other similar professions.

Nonprofit organizations

Protection for the assets, buildings and personnel of the company, including: Personal services and animal care. They are special oils for aesthetics, barber shops, cosmetic stores, spas, laundries, dry cleaners, car wash businesses, among others.

Professional Insurance Policies

Protection for office buildings for various professions, including coverage for property and civil liability in accordance with the activities they carry out. In addition, this coverage is suitable for architects, engineers, various laboratories, law firms, consultants, insurance agents, among others.

Religious organizations

Protection for property, buildings, securities and others.

Business for Sale

Coverage for products for sale, buildings and miscellaneous losses in retail stores. It is the ideal insurance for the dispatch of wines and spirits, pharmacies, toy stores, shoe stores, clothing stores, gifts and various non-edible products.

Specialized Schools

Protection for various schools of dance, music, arts, etc.

Learn about benefits and quotes for business coverage in here .

Workers’ Compensation Insurance State Farm Insurance

They are the most personalized insurance within the entire range of services. In 2016, the company ranked fifth in the American Customer Service Index, only below AAA, Nationwide, GEICO and Progressive . The specific coverages of this compensation insurance depend on the State of your current residence, since the requirements of the Law vary. All workers’ compensation plans include:

  • Payment of necessary medical expenses to workers, in case they suffer from an injury or illness caused during working hours or as a result of activities in it. The benefit is extensive until recovery.
  • Compensation in the event of temporary disability due to loss of income.
  • Covers compensation for permanent disability of workers.
  • It pays the worker’s beneficiaries the corresponding compensation in the event of death.

For more information about this insurance in English, you can visit the official website . Currently this coverage does not have assistance.

State Farm Insurance Unemployment Insurance

State Farm unemployment insurance is limited to Credit Protection Programs, therefore, it operates by paying the periodic bills of products purchased on credit as long as the insured person remains unemployed and up to the time specified in the policy.

The policies of this insurer are not specifically for unemployment, but they establish coverage in their credit protection policies to help people who, through no fault of their own, become unemployed. It is important to mention that the reason for unemployment cannot be voluntary. Lastly, State Farm unemployment insurance covers payment for 6 to 24 credit billing periods, depending on the Credit Protection program you have purchased.

Do you want to know information about this service? You can visit the official website in English. Currently this coverage does not have assistance.

State Farm Insurance Liability Insurance

It is an insurer that, in addition to being a leader in sales, has a quality service in terms of liability insurance . It was ranked fifth on the American Customer Satisfaction Index in the same year. The top types of State Farm liability insurance policies and coverages are:

Vehicle Civil Liability

Covers medical expenses for bodily injury of third parties, damage to property and repair of vehicles of others involved in an accident of which the insured is at fault.

Civil liability for Condominium Associations

It includes various protections such as:

  • Civil liability of directors and officers . Protection in case of lawsuits for allegedly illegal acts of directors and officers.
  • Broad general civil liability . It covers both bodily injury, third party property damage and personal injury, including defamation.

Homeowners Insurance

Liability protection for bodily injury, property and personal damage caused by facilities or owner in case of defamation.

Renters Insurance

Legal protection that covers the costs of repairing property damage and injury to third parties.
General civil liability. Protection for businesses for damage to third parties in property and bodily injuries due to activities of the company and employees in general.

Professional Civil Liability

Specific legal coverage according to the professional activities carried out, to protect in case of lawsuits for errors or omissions.

Civil Liability for Non-Profit Organizations

Protection for directors and officers in case of lawsuits for illegal acts, real or not. It also covers the organization in case of employee demands for working conditions.

Umbrella Policy

Extension of coverage in civil liability to be used when the amounts insured in the specific vehicle, home or business policies are exhausted.

State Farm Insurance

Term or Temporary Life Coverage State Farm Insurance

Term life insurance, also known as term or term, are various policies that are contracted for specific periods of time as protection. This coverage has plans of type:

  • Selectable Term . A service that is contracted for 10, 20 or 30 years, it is important to mention that the premiums remain unchanged during the contracted term. The insurance can be renewed again until the age of 65, paying the premium (monthly fee) each year according to age. If you want, you can change to whole life insurance that is usually priced from $ 100,000.
  • With return of premiums . It is generally contracted between 20 or 30 years, it is similar to the Selectable Term insurance, with the difference that at the end of each term, if the insured is still alive, all premiums (monthly installments) paid for insurance.
  • Term or Decreasing Term Mortgage Insurance . This coverage is available for terms of 15 or 30 years and is purchased for at least $ 50,000. It is important to mention that, from the fifth year, death coverage begins to decrease as does the mortgage or total debt.
  • Immediate Response Term Insurance . Basic protection policy for $ 50,000, which is contracted at the age of 50 or for 10 years, whichever is longer, according to the age of the insured. In addition, it serves to cover last expenses such as loan guarantees.

Whole Life or Lifetime Insurance

They are a type of Policy in which the insurance protection lasts for a lifetime, with the only special observation that, if the insured survives to the age of 100, he collects the insured sum . It is important to mention that it is necessary to pay the premiums (monthly installments) up to 100 years of age.

  • Whole Life Limited Payments . Premiums are paid for the period you choose, be it 10, 15 or 20 years, this does not affect the fact that the insurance lasts up to 100 years. In addition, you have the option of using the cash value (policy money) accumulated in the policy at any time.
  • Single Premium Life Insurance . In this coverage, the premium (total amount) is paid only once and the insurance lasts up to 100 years, it is a slightly more expensive but practical way to acquire life insurance.
  • Funeral Expenses . Insurance for people between the ages of 50 and 80 in most states, including New York, although it is only covered up to age 75. An insured sum of $ 10,000 is contracted for death expenses. Finally, in the same way, premiums are paid (monthly installments) and protection is available up to 100 years of age.

Universal State Farm Insurance

Insurance policy that offers flexibility in the payment of premiums or monthly installments . This insurance has two important modalities such as:

  • Universal Life . It can be contracted from $ 25,000 or $ 50,000 depending on the age of the insured. In addition, it provides access to accumulated cash values ​​(policy money). Finally, the sum insured and the premiums can be adjusted according to the needs of the insured.
  • Universal Life with Rights for Survivors . It is a policy in which there are two insured persons, its main limitation is that the death benefit is paid until the second person dies.
  • Joint Universal Life Insurance . It is also an insurance for two people, it differs from the previous one because the insurance or your policy is paid as soon as the first person who contracted the coverage dies.

Learn more about these plans and their features by clicking here .

State Farm Insurance Health Insurance

State Farm has several hiring options to meet a variety of individual requirements . State Farm health insurance is reliable and durable, so despite not being a sales leader, it has really interesting features and coverage such as:

Individual Medical Coverage

Policy designed for people who do not have protection within their jobs or who are unemployed. It offers basic coverage essential to comply with the Law and obtain protection against the highest expenses in case of serious illnesses and accidents.

Supplemental Medicare insurance plans

They are policies that cover expenses that are generally not included in other conventional insurance policies, such as: Deductibles, co-insured, co-payments and others. They are available nationwide for people 65 and older. Finally, in some states also for younger people.

Long Term Care Insurance

It is a useful type of protection for people over 50 years of age, since they tend to suffer more frequently from chronic diseases. Covered expenses include private nurses and everything necessary up to rehabilitation.

Disability Insurance

Protection that provides economic security in the event that the insured suffers a condition that disables him to work on a regular basis.

Additional Insurance

Another coverage option designed to cover extra expenses in case of health problems. In general, these policies cover deductibles (policy payments that the insurance does not cover) and co-insured, but they also offer access to private rooms with private nurses, transportation expenses, accommodation, food, childcare, etc.

Interested in purchasing health insurance with State Farm? Learn about the characteristics and quotes of these plans by clicking here .

Home and Home Insurance State Farm Insurance

State Farm home and home insurance is the top-selling in the United States . During 2015, they ranked first in direct premiums (payment installments) with a share of almost a fifth of the national market. They are the most reliable insurance within its wide range of services.

Homeowners Insurance

Protection of the building or home against fire, acts of vandalism including public disturbances, the action of wind, lightning, storms in general, hail, snow, falling planes or vehicle collision. In some cases, it also protects against theft. Finally, the coverages that can be contracted are civil liability and the expenses of living in another place while making the corresponding repairs to the insured home.

Condominium Policy

Similar to homeowners insurance, but limited to the walls that make up the home.

Renters Insurance

It exclusively covers the contents of the house as a result of the same events indicated for homeowners insurance.

Manufactured Home Insurance

Protection similar to that of homeowners insurance, also includes personal belongings and construction materials, as well as various additional buildings on the property.

Rental Home Insurance

Special protection for owners of houses and condos for rent. It has a wide variety of benefits that cover buildings, related civil liability and loss of income in the event of a loss.

Additional Coverage for Special Items

It is a complementary policy for goods such as: Photographic or video cameras, collectibles, computer equipment, works of art, jewelry, sports equipment, musical instruments, skins, medical instruments and other devices, precious metals and others.

Flood policy

It is a complementary insurance to protect your home in case of floods, it also includes the support of the material goods contained in the house.

For more information about this insurance visit the Home and Property Insurance section on the official website.

Tenant Insurance State Farm Insurance

State Farm renters insurance, in combination with the other home protection policies in the United States, occupied 19.28% of the national market in 2016. It is the most important insurer for its sales in this sector today. If you acquire a policy of this type, you will have a power of personalization of premiums and benefits valued at 100% . The main coverages available to State Farm renters insurance are:

Personal property

Protect home contents such as furniture, appliances, bicycles, televisions, computers, and other common property in any home from the following damages.

  • Climate . As a result of natural phenomena such as hurricanes, hail, snow, lightning, various wind storms and others.
  • Non-climatic . Such as popular riots, vandalism, theft, airplane crash, vehicle collision, etc.

Valuable Personal Items Policy

Various goods that require a specific inventory due to their value, such as jewelry, collectibles, works of art, jewelry, musical instruments, sports equipment, precious metal items, such as gold and silver, etc. The protection applies anywhere in the world, including if you take them on vacation. Artwork and jewelry are only protected within the United States and Canada.

Flood Insurance

Additional protection that can be contracted through personalized packages just like earthquake protection.

Civil liability

Protection in the event of lawsuits for property damage or injuries for which you may be liable. It also covers any type of problem that happens to visitors to your home, including damages accidentally caused by a family member inside and outside the house.

Quote State Farm Insurance Insurance on Quote

Many insurers offer services similar to State Farm Insurance. And right there, lies the importance of comparing the scope of the policies and their prices with other major insurance brands in the market, such as The General and Cigna . Remember that at you will find various insurers with their respective quotes totally free, so you can make the right decision and get a good price.

Opiniones de State Farm Insurance

Opinions regarding this insurer are mostly positive. State Farm is the largest auto insurer in the country, but offers a wide variety of other insurance and financial products, sold exclusively by State Farm agents. Among the main scores of this insurance we have:

  • State Farm was ranked 9th out of 24 insurers in NerdWallet’s ranking of the best auto insurance companies, earning 4 out of 5 stars for overall performance.
  • State Farm’s financial strength is “superior” or rated A +, according to rating agency AM Best . The financial strength of an insurer indicates how well it can pay claims.
  • State Farm had less than the median number of complaints to state regulators in 2018 relative to its size for life, home and auto insurance, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.
  • His Official Facebook is 4.9 / 5, and his evaluations are really positive, at least in terms of customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions State Farm Insurance

What is the customer service phone number?

State Farm’s toll-free customer service number is 1-855-733-7333 .

Is there a toll-free number for a quote?

To get a quote you just have to call 1-800-782-8332 during office hours, your call will be directed to an agent near your location. However, for calls after business hours and on weekends your call will be directed to a representative from the Customer Service Center.

It is important to mention that Spanish-speaking representatives are available by calling 1-877-274-0543 .

I am a State Farm customer. Can I modify my coverages online?

Yes. You can request changes to your coverage online and they will be sent to your agent for processing. To request changes, you must follow the following steps:

1. Log into your account.
2. Select the policy you want to change.
3. Click on Quote / Change coverages.
4. Select the coverages you want to change and click Continue.
5. Review the changes and click Continue to approve them.
6. Enter Contact Information and click Continue.
7. Review your changes and click Submit.

I Have Questions About Accessing My State Farm Account Online Who Should I Contact?

You can contact the Internet Support Department by phone at 1-888-559-1922 . Representatives from the Internet Support Department are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How can I cancel my State Farm Insurance policy?

You can contact your local State Farm agent and explain the reasons why you want to cancel your policy. Generally, the agent will need your policy number, name, date of birth, and Social Security number. You will also have the possibility of making cancellations by mail and at the closest agency to your location. For more information on canceling policies at State Farm, click here .