What does Autotal Inbursa insurance offer?


What does Autotal Inbursa insurance offer?

Grupo Financiero Inbursa has Auto Insurance which is characterized by providing immediate attention to users in the place and time they need it, in addition to an exclusive Civil Liability License plan that protects the driver from damage caused to third parties even when driving another car.

The insurance is created for four types of vehicles: cars, motorcycles, pickups and trucks. Likewise, its guarantees extend to national, imported, old and even border units.

Plans offered by Autotal Inbursa

Inbursa’s coverage is diverse and in them assistance is provided as road assistance in the place where the insured circulates and even in other countries. There are also plans that have Medical, Automobile and Legal Assistance.

The following packages to be found are as follows:

  • Civil Liability: It covers damages to third parties that the insured may cause to property and people. An Extension of Liability is also included.
  • Reduced: In addition to Civil Liability and Extension, it also has coverage for Medical Expenses for Occupants.
  • Limited: It includes, apart from the previous coverages, Civil Liability in the United States and Canada in addition to Total Theft.
  • Wide: It has the aforementioned, plus the Material Damage coverage, which repairs or compensates the car in the event of a road accident or any other risk covered by the policy.

Plus Autotal Inbursa Package

It includes all the coverage of the previously written packages, but offers greater benefits such as elimination of the deductible for Total Theft, Daily Expense for Total and Partial Loss, which is a daily compensation for up to ten days.

Similarly, there is Extension of Medical Expense Coverage and it can cover damage to the interior of the car such as Accessories and Special Equipment.

In case of injuries due to Partial Theft, the policy offers Medical Expenses.

It should be noted that, in this insurance Yes, there is support for car derailment and vandalism. Although, it should be noted that it is advisable to read the conditions of the contract, because there are exclusions in each of the coverages.

The Plus package is only available for individual cars and pickups for private use up to 15 years old.

Additional Coverages of Autotal Inbursa

The following backups can be purchased:

  • Adaptations, Conversions and Special Equipment (except in Reduced coverage and Civil Liability)
  • Driver Accidents which is compensation to beneficiaries for accidental death; or the coverage may offer an insured sum to the holder if he suffers loss of limbs in any part of his body.
  • Elimination of Deductible for Total Loss for Material Damages (available only for Wide and Wide Plus)
  • Invoice Value (less in basic coverage)
  • Excess Civil Liability for Death, this additional insured sum for coverage. It is available in all packages.
  • Satellite Equipment (less in basic packages).

Regardless of the coverage contracted, Autotal Inbursa offers Roadside Assistance. Also, from the website of this insurance you can print the Compulsory Liability Insurance Certificate Civil, which as its name indicates, is the one requested by the authorities to circulate on roads and bridges in the country, also in some states of the Mexican Republic it is mandatory.

Exclusive benefits of Autotal Inbursa

There are three unique guarantees in this insurance:

  1. Location: when registering the policy in the app and if there is an accident, the insurer will geolocate the damaged car from the cell phone and communicate with the policy holder.
  2. Arrival: in less than thirty minutes, the adjuster will arrive at the scene of the accident. In case you don’t arrive on time, Autotal will pay 200 pesos for each minute of delay until the total deductible is covered.
  3. Payment: in less than 49 hours the car will be compensated in case of total loss due to theft or material damage.

Autototal has the necessary technology to report the accident from its mobile app, the adjusters collect the information from their tablets and the updates arrive by email. As an additional information, the monitoring of the claim can be consulted from the website of the insurer.

Autotal Inbursa deductibles

Depending on the conditions of each car and package contracted, the deductibles for Material Damages can range from 3% to 10%.

In Total Theft the amount is 5%, 10% and 20%.

In crystals the deductible is 20% of the replacement value; While in Adaptations, Conversions, and Special Equipment this percentage varies since it depends on the claim, the same applies to the coverage of Material Damage and Total Theft.

Payment Methods

Direct debit payment can be made with an Inbursa account, efe account, Telmex Business Account, departmental credit cards such as Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club.

With Credit Cards from other banking institutions you can also make the payment, only that there is a surcharge that changes according to the payment method: monthly (7%), quarterly (6%), semi-annual (4.5%) and cash there is no surcharge.

Discounts at Autotal Inbursa

When making the deposit in an account that you have with the Inbursa bank, it is possible to obtain an additional promotion, in addition, when paying with a card from this institution, you would not be charged a surcharge for fractional payment.

When you renew with Autotal, you also receive an additional discount and the same will happen if you have a clean driving record or few accidents.

Autotal considers the profile of the insured, so you will find attractive promotions depending on their age, occupation, area of ​​residence and even their credit rating.

Autotal with Sears

If the user is a Sears cardholder, they can purchase comprehensive auto and truck insurance at a discount of up to 15%. The driver’s profile, zip code and body type are also considered.

Only Limited, Comprehensive and Comprehensive Plus coverage is offered in this policy.

To contract it, it is necessary to be a Sears cardholder and have the following documents at hand: a valid official identification, circulation card and a proof of address no longer than three months.

It is to be noted that there is a special discount for PEMEX professionals, CFE, some educational and health institution. In order for this reduction to be applied, a professional license and a last payroll receipt must be presented.


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