What insurance and benefits does the IMSS offer?


What insurance and benefits does the IMSS offer?

The Mexican Institute of Social Security is an agency that since 1943 guarantees the right to health of the country’s workers who are discharged.

Similarly, it provides medical assistance and more services that complement individual and collective well-being.

But before mentioning the coverage offered by this institution, it is necessary to understand that there are two types of regimes in the IMSS:

Voluntary: Through an agreement with the institution, anyone can register, whether they are industrial workers, small merchants, domestic workers. The same for workers at the service of federal public administrations, states and municipalities or independent workers, among other employees.

Mandatory: This is financed with contributions that come from the worker’s employer, the State and the employee himself. This is where the five types of insurance are provided, which will be explained below.

Types of insurance offered by the IMSS

In a compulsory regime, the persons that can be insured are workers, members of cooperative societies and individuals determined by the Federal Executive by means of a Decree. Hence, there are five guarantees offered by the IMSS, which are described below:

Diseases and maternity

Medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and hospital care is offered to the worker and family for illnesses that do not come from work. Benefits in kind or money are awarded. In case of illness, allowance is equivalent to 60% of the last daily contribution salary from the fourth day of disability for up to 52 weeks. Funeral assistance is also provided with an insured sum limit.

In maternity, the in-kind help is obstetric care, breastfeeding support and a basket, the latter containing items for babies such as bottles, diapers, rompers, shampoo, etc. The money given is 100% of the last daily contribution salary for 42 days before and after giving birth.

Risks at work

They are the accidents that a person can suffer while carrying out their work in their work area. Claims that may occur to you while moving to your office or place of employment are also included.

In-kind help is medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, hospitalization, prosthetics, orthopedics, rehabilitation and preventive services.

The monetary compensation is divided into three:

  • Temporary disability: subsidies at 100% of the salary registered in the IMSS for up to 52 weeks.
  • Permanent disability: provisional pension for up to two years and after that time a definitive pension will be given subject to the terms of the Social Security Law.
  • Death: widow’s pension, orphanhood or ascendants. Support in medical expenses.

Disability and life

Those workers who, due to an accident or illness outside their work, cannot have a remuneration greater than 50% of what they usually earned, will be given disability support. The in-kind coverage it is medical, pharmaceutical and hospital assistance; in money, a temporary or permanent pension is provided, which will be a minimum guaranteed by the Government.

For Life, assistance will be offered to the beneficiaries of the insured if he perishes. This support consists of support in medical and surgical assistance plus the medicines that are required. Likewise, and being a Life Insurance, widowhood, orphanhood or ascendants pensions are granted.

To update the data of the beneficiaries, the person will have to register in the Virtual Desk and have the Advanced Electronic Signature (FIEL), CURP of the insured and the beneficiary, as well as an email. On this site you can renew this information, register or cancel an insurance promoter.

Nursery and Social Benefits

The daycare service is provided to insured working women with children between 45 days and up to four years of age. The same for men discharged from the institution and in a state of widowhood or with custody of their children. In these nurseries the care and attention of minors will be given.

In social benefits, the institution promotes health and the development of sports, cultural and recreational activities. It also provides training for work, offers vacation centers and wakes.

What are the IMSS holiday centers?

They are living spaces located in Morelos, Puebla and Tlaxcala. These sites offer lodging of different categories: family hotels, executives, houses, cabins and villas. There are also restaurants, spas, playgrounds and different recreational activities with affordable rates. Some vacation centers are Oaxtepec, Atlixco-Metepec, La Trinidad and Malintzi, the latter is located in a forest and has cabins.

Reservations can be made in person at the National Reservation Center at Av. Cuauhtémoc 330 Col. Doctors in Mexico City; by phone at 01 800 62302323 or by email at Centros.vacacionales@imss.gob.mx. It will be necessary to reserve three days in advance and if it will be done by mail you will have to specify the resort of interest, the type of accommodation, number of people who will go and when will be the date of entry and exit.

Retirement, Unemployment in Old Age and Old Age

By having this insurance, the worker will have the right to a pension, family allowances, assistance assistance, in addition to withdrawals from his Afore or a minimum monthly pension guaranteed by the Federal Government, in case the resources do not cover his basic needs, as long as they have contributed at least 1,250 weeks.

There is also financial aid for marriage and medical, pharmaceutical and hospital assistance.

How to know the weeks listed in the IMSS?

This can be done on the institution’s portal. When entering the part that says Quoted Weeks, The following information will need to be provided: CURP, Social Security Number (SSN), email and capture the characters of an image.

The system will allow to know the weeks contributed, to process any clarification in case the salary or the weeks are not correct and to consult the status of the procedures.

How to register with the IMSS?

In order to have all these services, the interested party must register with the IMSS, but first they have to request their SSN, which can be generated online, directly on the official site of the institution. Only the CURP and a personal email are required. When registering online, you can also choose the office hours that best suit the worker: morning or evening.

To enroll in a clinic close to the home, the same requirements already mentioned above will be requested, plus a zip code and a child-size photo.


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