What is an Auto Insurance simulator in Mexico?


What is an Auto Insurance simulator in Mexico?

An insurance simulator is the best option to protect what matters most in life: the future of the family. In Mexico, Rastreator is the coverage simulation tool that allows the user to compare auto insurance prices with the leading companies in the market.

The hard data

It is clear that auto insurance protects family finances from having to assume the expenses of a claim out of your own pocket. But despite the fact that Civil Liability coverage is mandatory in more than half of the states of the Mexican Republic and to be able to travel on all federal highways, only 30% of vehicles have some type of policy.

The National Survey of Financial Inclusion, prepared by the National Banking and Securities Commission, in collaboration with the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), reveals that this trend is due to the myths that Mexicans consider regarding insurance. The figures show that 42% of citizens think that insurance is very expensive. While the remaining 58% do not know where to request them, they are unnecessary, they have not been offered or they have little confidence in financial institutions.

This is why online technological tools have emerged that help the user to dispel the myths surrounding the insurance sector. Insurance simulators are an option to find coverage, guarantees and prices from different insurers in one place. Thus the task of insurance quotes is simplified with the help of insurance simulators.

Advantages of policy simulation

The Rastreator insurance simulator is the ideal tool that guides the user with the necessary information regarding how a vehicle policy works, what are the details of the guarantees, what are the coverages and where to contact the insurers to contract the insurance.

In addition, another benefit is that it is possible to compare the costs and coverage of the different insurance companies to find the one that best suits the needs of the insured. Therefore, finding the balance between price, coverage and service is possible, simulating the vehicle policy in Rastreator.

Rastreator’s online simulation instrument is also ideal for locating the coverage that correctly supports the car according to its model and age, as well as the area where it travels.

Another advantage is that with the Rastreator simulator, making an online quote it is possible to contract directly with the insurance company without intermediaries or agents who charge a commission on the premium.

What information does the insurance simulator need?

Rastreator’s online quote collects information in real time from the user and the vehicle so that insurance companies can send prices and coverage that are appropriate for the characteristics of the car. Among the main ones are:

Driver profile

Although it may not seem relevant, the characteristics of the driver matter when setting a premium. For insurers, each person has different driving habits depending on their lifestyle.

Also the federal state where the interested party lives matters, since there are more chaotic cities when the vehicle is used that increase the chances of a road accident or areas more prone to crime.

Similarly, age is another determining factor for companies. Since there is a correlation between the years and the impetuosity, related to the completed years, when driving.

Automobile data sheet

In recent years, a trend has been observed between certain models and the theft rate for those units. Therefore, insurance institutions consider the risk of theft implied by the model and make of a vehicle to establish the price of the premium.

The price and the ease of finding parts in the event of an accident are also taken into account. Therefore, the age of the car is essential to know if the repairs will be expensive.

Simulating car insurance in Rastreator saves time and money

Mexico is one of the countries in which the culture of insurance is not yet developed because the information on insurance is scarce. However, it is no longer necessary to go to each insurance company waiting for the policy to quote or even have to choose any insurance company without knowing the full picture of what the other insurance institutions offer.

Rastreator Mexico is the easy, fast and free online quote that helps users simulate their vehicle policy so that the task of finding an ideal coverage is no longer impossible. Since it shows in one place what the different companies offer, giving the possibility of comparing and choosing the one that best suits the user’s needs.

In minutes and from mobile devices or the computer, a simulation of the coverage available on the market can be done, thus saving time and money. Yes money! Since, having the opportunity to compare prices, you can choose the one that best suits your family finances.

Therefore, using Rastreator’s car insurance simulator helps to make an informed and intelligent decision regarding vehicle protection.


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