What is ISSFAM?


What is ISSFAM?

The Social Security Institute for the Mexican Armed Forces (ISSFAM) is a body belonging to the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA) that is in charge of ensuring the well-being of active, retired or retired military personnel, institute workers and of Banjercito SNC, as well as their relatives and financial dependents.

The antecedents of ISSFAM go back to the 20th century, when the operating rules of the Mexican army were stipulated and the retirement conditions for meritorious military personnel were taken into account. The creation of social security guarantees for martial officials was significant for the establishment of these same conditions for all citizens through the Mexican Institute of Social Security.

In 1976, the Law of the Social Security Institute for the Mexican Armed Forces was published in the Official Gazette of the Federation, granting new benefits and benefits to members of the army.

Among the assistance provided by ISSFAM are:

  • Life, Disability and Retirement Insurance.
  • Mortgage credits.
  • Student scholarships.
  • Funeral services.
  • Financial aid for burial expenses.
  • Facilities to apply for housing in military housing units.
  • Military Housing Fund.
  • Pension economic benefit.
  • Admission to the Home for Retired Military.

It also provides agreements with public and private institutions that have discounts for beneficiaries.

ISSFAM Agreements and Discounts

The Institute as a governmental body has signed various commercial agreements that promise discounts and preferential prices to ISSFAM’s beneficiaries. In order to access these agreements, the interested party must verify their affiliation to the institute through the credential issued by the Secretariats of National Defense (Army or Air Force), Navy, ISSFAM and Banjercito.

Beneficiaries will be able to request support through the ISSFAM website, where they will find the agreements by category and in a particular way with each of the providers. To make the discount effective, those interested must present their ISSFAM credential.

Automotive agencies

ISSFAM has made agreements with the distributors of Chrysler, Moto Road, Mazda branch Zapata III, Volkswagen branch Lomas de Sotelo y Azcapotzalco, GB Cars, Soni Azcapotzalco and Seat.

The agencies promise special prices on the list and some of them also offer from 3% to 12% discount on the total cost of the vehicle.

Job Board

For the beneficiaries of the right holders, the Institute has also made agreements with some companies to offer work for the dependents or the military retired from active duty. Among the companies that offer job offers are RMS Seguridad Privada, OXXO convenience store chain and Grupo Seguridad Integral GSI.

Educational agreements

Those interested can also access agreements with 59 educational institutions at all levels, from kindergarten to universities; in addition to agreements with language schools such as the French Alliance or Harmon Hall.

Medical discounts

The right holders can access discounts in various medical laboratories such as Olab and Chopo. In addition, there are also preferential prices in specialized opticians in the country such as Devlyn and Ópticas LUX.


Various entertainment centers such as theaters, fairs, ecological parks, museums, amusement parks and urban tourist walks have discounts and special prices for ISSFAM beneficiaries.


Several Grupo Alsea companies and other food suppliers have special offers for Armed Forces workers.

Auto insurance

Some of the car insurance companies that offer discounts and payment facilities for the military are ANA Seguros, Quálitas, GNP, Inbursa and AXA.

Funeral services

The agencies with the largest presence in Mexico City and the country have death assistance plans at special prices. Among the services offered are legal procedures, local transfer, embalming, aesthetic arrangement, standard metal or wooden casket, vigil chapel, transfer to the cemetery or cremation, standard urn or grave, payment of municipal taxes and record of minutes.

Travel services

ISSFAM offers its beneficiaries agreements with national chain hotels, as well as national tourism agencies.

Stores and warehouses

Some of the stores that have an agreement with ISSFAM are Suburbia, Sears, Elektra, Costo, Chedraui, Editorial Trillas and el Sótano. Telephone plans are also offered at special prices from AT&T and Telcel.


For national land or air transfers, the institute made an agreement with Volaris, the CANAPAT group and the Busolinea group.

living place

In addition, the workers of the Armed Forces have access to special prices in housing conglomerates such as Casas ARA and the National Chamber of the Housing Development and Promotion Industry (Canadevi), as well as home insurance.

ISSFAM also offers Scholarships

The Institute grants educational scholarships for the children of soldiers in active service and in retirement. Are offered up to $ 5,000 pesos for the entire school year, which is deposited in a single payment. To be eligible for support, schoolchildren must have a average equal to or greater than 8.5 and be studying the second level of primary school onwards.

The beneficiary can make an application for each child and must submit it filled out online and in print, in addition to showing the student’s ISSFAM Affiliation Card, the student’s CURP, proof of enrollment, official report card issued by the Secretary of Public Education in the one that specifies the average of the interested party, the bank statement of the father or mother, the voter’s credential and the student’s birth certificate.

The SCHOLARSHIPS-ISSFAM will be assigned as applicants meet all the requirements and the best averages will be selected according to the number of authorized scholarships. If there are two participants with the same average, preference will be given to the hierarchy and the age of the application.

What is the ISSFAM Law?

The Social Security Institute for the Mexican Armed Forces is regulated through the ISSFAM Law, which stipulates the institute’s powers with respect to the military, as well as its rights and obligations. It was decreed in 1961 by President Adolfo López Mateos.

The document specifies the benefits, retirement conditions, compensation for disability and death of the soldier. And the operating rules of the Comprehensive Medical Service are also stipulated, which is the system by which the physical and mental health of ISSFAM’s beneficiaries is preserved and conserved.


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