What is the Vehicle Registry?


What is the Vehicle Registry?

It helps to register the vehicles and in this way all the required information of a car and its owner is found. It is also a safe measure to publicize the entire fleet of automobiles in various states of the Republic and thus prevent the circulation of illegal units.

To be registered it is necessary to carry out the registration process, since in this way the Ministry of Mobility will integrate the vehicle (car, motorcycle, trailers) to the vehicle registry.

What happens if the plates do not appear in the Vehicle Register?

This can happen when the unit is new and sometimes the update of payments as tenure usually takes a bit or as there are still no plates assigned, the portal links the engine number. So one of the ways to solve this problem is to go to the Ministry of Mobility or the nearest treasury office to clarify the situation.

You only need to capture the message that the car does not appear in the registry and print it. Later, in the office, the original and copies will have to be delivered:

  • INE of the owner.
  • Car bill.
  • Proof of possession that was made when the car was taken from the agency and the forms to pay for the current year.
  • Circulation card.
  • Check.

At the office, you will have to request that the payment for the holding of blades be linked to the motor and you will probably have to write a legend where the clarification is requested along with the license plate number. The update will likely take a week.

How do I know my vehicle debts?

Missed payments can be seen on the finance website. It is only necessary to add the number of plates and the last four digits of the serial number or VIN, the latter is consulted on the invoice or when going to the Repuve site, where only the license plate folio is required to know details of the car and its legality.

It should be noted that if the unit is not in the Repuve either, it is probably because the institution in charge of carrying out the registry does not have the car data or the unit does not have the necessary quality to be in the Registry, or at most dangerous, is that the unit has been stolen and the vehicle identification number has been altered.

To clarify this situation it is necessary to contact the corresponding Finance offices of each entity and to whate as a natural person, you cannot register with Repuve.

It should be noted that the relationship between Repuve and the Vehicle Registry is important since all units are registered to publicize the legality of the car.

How is the Registration of Obliged Subjects?

According to the Public Vehicle Registry Law, concessionaires, manufacturers, distributors, insurers, credit institutions and more institutions are those that must register cars with REPUVE, so it must be accredited by the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System ( SESNSP).

For registration, they must request a User Registration Certificate Format, CIU, from the Federal Public Registry for Obliged Subjects, with the following documentation:

  • Registration Request on letterhead and signed by the legal representative.
  • Registration format.
  • Copy of the Articles of Incorporation of the company with name or company name, corporate purpose, name of the legal representative.
  • Copy of the company’s tax identification card.
  • Copy of the official identification of the legal representative.

The preparation of the application must contain the following: Company name of the institution, subject and date of preparation. It must be addressed to the General Director of the Public Vehicle Registry, list the attached formats and the signature of the representative or attorney-in-fact along with their email.

Users in the Public Vehicle Registry

When the Obligated Subject registers, he or she will have the obligation to manage the registration, cancellation or modifications of users and must send the following information:

  • User Registration Certificate with the name of users.
  • Copy of an official identification (user) as well as your proof of address no longer than three months and proof of the place where you work, which must be less than 90 days.

The Registration Certificate has four registrations: personal data, address, data of the place where you work and request for access to the system. It can be filled by hand or computer.

All formats can be sent by courier to the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System. The answers are sent in writing and are addressed to the legal representative. The keys are delivered by email, they are encrypted and to know the password you must call the corresponding area. In case of misusing these passwords, people will be sanctioned according to the Public Vehicle Registry Law.


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