What is the VIN and what is it for?

What is the VIN and what is it for?

According to REPUVE, the VIN is the Vehicle Identification Number. It can also be known as VIN, for its acronym in English or as serial number and chassis number.

The VIN is made up of 17 alphanumeric digits and its main function is to validate the legal status of the car and motorcycle, since it applies to both vehicles, and other types of commercial vehicles.

Most common places to find the VIN or VIN number

There are four different places where it can be located:

  • Lower left portion of the windshield on the driver’s side.
  • Left driver’s door frame.
  • Chassis on the left front wheel.
  • Vehicle engine compartment.

In accordance with the Official Mexican Standard, the VIN must be engraved on a piece of solid structure of the unit, which can be the chassis or the trailer. It can also be on a metal plate or label, but it cannot be removed or destroyed.

Likewise, the Standard explains that the size of the characters on the vehicles must be at least 3mm. Among other technical specifications that manufacturers must meet.

Why did you start using the NIV?

The Vehicle Identification Number began to be used in 1981 in Mexico, although in other nations such as the United States it began to be used in the 1950s.

But it was not until 1998 that the Official Mexican Standard for the NIV came into force, in which the specifications that are known today were determined.

How is the VIN of a motorcycle or car made up?

Considering information from REPUVE, these digits have data from the country and region where the car was manufactured. It also contains details of the engine, transmission, year of production, plant number and serial number.

There are four sections that are explained below:

1. International Manufacturer Identifier Code

It is assigned to the manufacturer or assembler by the Ministry of Economy or some world-renowned body.

2. Description of the vehicle.

The general characteristics of the vehicles are described and there are five characters that allow the unit to be identified, this sequence is determined by the assembler or manufacturer.

3. Check digit

Its purpose is to verify the authenticity of the NIV and it has only one character that occupies the ninth position. There are a series of formulas that the specific regulations for its calculation.

4. Individual vehicle identifier

As its name indicates, the motorcycle or car is recognized in a particular way and consists of eight characters occupying the position from ten to seventeen of the VIN.

It should be noted that these characters do not include the letters I, 0, Q, Ñ or any other space or special sign such as hyphens or periods.

What vehicles require the chassis number?

Any automotive regardless of its energy source. So they will have buses, cars, trucks, converters (Dolly), which is a system that is hooked to a trailer.

Also motorcycles that include ATVs, motorcycles and trimoto.

The trailer, semi-trailer and tractor must also have a VIN, as well as incomplete vehicles that are assemblies that are made up of, at least a platform, engine, automotive train, steering system, suspension and brake system; These require an additional process to be complete vehicles.

Why is the Vehicle Identification Number important?

When buying a new car, the owner must check that these characters are found and later in the vehicle procedures. So you must verify that the NIV matches on the registration card, driver’s license and car invoice.

When buying a used car, it must be observed that the plate or the engraving where this number is found has not been altered, because otherwise, it could have a theft report.

And it is that when checking if a unit has been stolen, the NIV will help to know the status on the official REPUVE site or by downloading the Rastreator app.

Likewise, when car insurance is contracted, the company will ask for the chassis number to make the contract, which will be recorded in the policy, and that it will help to facilitate the search of the car in case of having been stolen, since the Legal Defense coverage can help the insured with the location and procedures before the Public Ministry.

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