What job benefits are there in Mexico?

What job benefits are there in Mexico?

The covid-19 pandemic implied a severe economic crisis in the country and in the world. With the confinement, small and medium-sized companies went bankrupt or were in the red, so the loss of several jobs was inevitable, and in some cases there were unjustified dismissals or in many others there were abuses of workers.

In this context, many people who are looking for a new job and others who keep their jobs must know the benefits that the Federal Labor Law It offers them regardless of whether they work in a public or private institution to be able to take advantage of them, since they will help them to get their families financially, face the covid with less expenses and problems if they are infected, in addition they will help keep their spirits while they work in an organization.

It is worth mentioning that there are benefits that Each company is obliged to give the worker with whom it has entered into an employment contract in accordance with the Labor Law; However, some companies and government institutions may provide additional benefits or benefits that exceed the minimum indicated in the law and these are known as benefits superior to the law.

What are the minimum labor benefits required by law?

The following benefits are the minimums established by the Federal Labor Law for Law Contracts, Collective Labor Contracts, Individual Labor Contracts, Regulations, General Working Conditions and Benefit Manuals.

All workers have the right to enjoy these and are the following:

Social Security: benefit or right?

It is a mandatory right that any employer within the formal regime must comply, this means that you must be affiliated with the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) or if you work for a government institution, the Institute of Social Security and Services for State Workers (ISSSTE) to be able to have access to free medical insurance that covers medical attention of the basic and high specialty clinical picture and hospital, also to be able to process disability due to illness, maternity, among other benefits.

In addition, by exercising this right and registering in any of these institutions, workers become beneficiaries of the National Institute of Housing for Workers (Infonavit) or the Housing Fund for state workers (Fovissste) with which they can contract a loan mortgage to get a home of your own.


The bonus is an amount of money that must be paid by the employer to each of his active workers in the month of December, but if the worker stopped working before the full year, he still has the right to receive it.

The amount that employees must receive corresponds to at least 15 days of salary, and if they have not worked the full year, they are paid a proportional part, according to the time worked during the year. The benefit must be received before December 30 or at the time the employment relationship is terminated.

Vacation bonus and holidays

According to the Federal Labor Defense Attorney (PROFEDET), workers must enjoy at least 6 consecutive days of vacation plus an additional amount of money paid for that period, known as vacation premium.

This means that during the vacation period, the responsible company or government institution must pay the employee’s ordinary salary plus the vacation premium that corresponds to 25% of the amount received for vacation.

The vacation period is determined by the employer after the worker has been working for one year.

Sunday premium

25% of the ordinary daily salary or base salary is received when working on a Sunday or on the day assigned as a weekday break.

Seniority premium

If the worker voluntarily separates from his job after working more than 15 years or more, he has the right to receive 12 days of salary for each year of service, according to the salary received at the time of his separation provided that it is not more than double of the minimum wage, if this is the case, the salary he receives is given as a seniority bonus.

Benefits for resignation or work termination

By voluntarily resigning, you have the right to receive wages worked and not paid, the bonus, vacation pay, vacation premium, the bonus corresponding to utilities, seniority premium when you have worked 15 years or more.

Days off

For every 6 days of work, you are entitled to one rest day with full salary. When the employee works on the rest days that correspond to him or on the rest days required by law, he must receive double the salary received in the ordinary way.

Unjustified dismissal or liquidation

A constitutional compensation is provided that consists of the full payment of three months of integrated salary and the payment of the following benefits:

  • Wages corresponding to days worked and not paid
  • Bonus
  • Holidays
  • Vacation bonus
  • Share of profits owed
  • Seniority premium
  • Overdue wages

You also have the right to reinstatement, which consists of returning to work under the same conditions in which you provided your services until before dismissal and payment of the benefits mentioned above plus social security contributions.

Maternity licence

It is a right that consists of pregnant workers receiving their full salary before and after giving birth when they have to be absent for the purpose of their condition and to care for the new member of the family. The rest period before and after delivery is 12 weeks.

Adoption leave

It consists of full salary payment for rest due to having adopted an infant, women can be absent for six weeks and men five days.

Paternity and adoption leave

Working men have the right to be absent for five days for the birth or adoption of a minor, and with full pay.

Lactation period

Breastfeeding mothers have the right for 6 months to extraordinary breaks per day and half an hour each to feed their children or, with prior agreement with the employer, they may reduce their working day by one hour to replace their rest periods.

Benefits above the law, what are they?

Not all companies give them but they can consist of more vacation days, more Christmas bonus or more vacation bonus or they can also be the following benefits:

Insurance of major medical expenses

It consists of free policies for employees, with these they can be treated in hospitals or private clinics in case of accidents or serious illnesses. Workers in case of using this benefit only have to pay a coinsurance or a deductible according to the conditions of their policy.

The benefit does not replace that of Social Security, but is always in addition to the IMSS or ISSSTE insurance and the type of insurance depends on the policy that the company has contracted.

Life insurance

It is compensation for the family members of a worker in the event that he or she dies.

Pantry vouchers

These are vouchers that can be exchanged for basic or other products in different stores, departmental or convenience stores.

Transportation or gasoline vouchers

A benefit granted by transport companies to their employees and they can exchange them at gas stations. They are loved by many because it represents a great saving for family spending.

There are also similar benefits that consist of granting cars to executive workers, who are managers or sales, or when employees serve a certain time in a company they can agree to buy a company vehicle at a special price.

Savings funds

It consists of withholding a percentage of the worker’s monthly minimum wage with the objective that he or she saves an amount at the end of the year, in addition, companies can give some additional contribution so that at the end of the year they have a greater amount saved.


They are payroll advances that a worker can access with low interest rates. They can also be mortgage, car or personal project loans.

Dinning room

Some institutions provide a dining room service for employees with balanced and low-cost menus.

All these mentioned benefits are important to take into account when looking for a job or when having one, especially because they provide a better quality of life for the worker.

In the event that the mandatory benefits are not met or there are doubts about them, it is recommended to visit the official site of the Federal Attorney for the Defense of Labor (PROFEDET) or visit their offices.

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