Know the ideal insurance for your car with Zurich Insurance!

Company specialized in the Auto Insurance sector, Zurich a company that was founded more than 145 years ago, standing out mainly for being an insurance company that knows how to support its clients against any risk and unforeseen events to which its insured are exposed, since this is a company that fully concentrates on taking care of the automotive market.

Since its arrival to our country in 1985 and until today, Zurich Seguros de Autos can be consolidated as a multinational brand that besides being characterized by its products to the protection of vehicles, it includes many other services for the care of Mexicans through policies in life insurance, medical expenses, among many others, providing at all times a quality care, but especially the commitment to each and every one of its insured.

Another of the points to consider for the growth that we have been able to notice on the part of Zurich Auto Insurance is the financial strength, as well as an economic power to offer an appropriate support against all kinds of claims, which are established within the contracts carried out through its policies, providing a unique care.

In general terms, Seguros Zurich has remained in a privileged position in the face of the preference of Mexicans, as its mission is to continue expanding in the country, a reason that gave rise to the alliance formed with Grupo Santander, this in Latin America to structure better protection in the general and life insurance sector, with this Zurich can boast of being a company that takes innovation as a principle and above all the highest quality in its products.

Zurich Auto Insurance , a solution to all your problems. We tell you!

The fact that Zurich is considered one of the most important insurance companies in Mexico, has led it to take an important step in its history within our country, a situation that is largely due to offer the most complete coverage on the support sought for each of its customers, since no matter what type of policy they contract, they receive guaranteed quality services.

And to give you an idea of the support that Zurich offers you with any of its cover, in Ahorra Seguros we tell you in detail:

  • Civil Liability: Consolidated as one of the most important assistance services in the sector, the liability before third parties that is provided through your Zurich Car Insurance is strictly based on situations for damages to third parties, this in goods such as vehicles, real estate, and even damage to public property, but in addition to this it will cover injuries caused to third parties, with medical expenses that even include surgeries, hospitalizations, etc.
  • Roadside Assistance: We have a service that you should take into account when deciding to take out your car insurance with Zurich, as this coverage covers all the damages and risks you are exposed to at the wheel, strictly speaking, mechanical problems or failures in your car, flat tyres, lack of fuel, power failure, towing, among many other additions that can be made according to the coverage you have taken out.
  • Legal Assistance: Known as legal advice that can be carried out by both the adjuster and a lawyer, this is an assistance that consists of providing support for possible lawsuits or legal processes that arise because of a traffic accident, in addition to covering the payment of fines and violations, as well as the bond for entering the public prosecutor’s office because of an incident.
  • Property Damage: Coverage that is only offered for certain policies offered by Zurich Insurance. The property damage covered ranges from the risks to which your vehicle is exposed from an impact with another car, or that is caused by a collision with a retaining wall, etc. In addition, expenses for partial and total loss of auto parts, and even total loss of the unit, are covered.

What coverage does Zurich Auto Insurance offer? Take a look!

Currently this company offers 3 variants for the care of their clients, each one of them is different from the other considering the services you will receive, which is important to know so that you take care of yourself in a correct way before the risks that are always present.

That is why at AhorraSeguros.Mx we tell you in detail about the coverage of Zurich Car Insurance, as well as the services you will receive for each of them, here we tell you:

Coverage Extensive Limited Basic
Civil Liability
RC Catastrophic
Roadside Assistance X
Legal Assistance
Medical Expenses
Material Damage X X
Total Theft X
CR Abroad
Funeral Expenses X

In addition to this coverage, it is worth mentioning that some of the services mentioned offer different insured amounts, which is mainly due to the fact that in each policy the indemnities are higher if it is a broad one, while in a basic one this will obviously be lower, as these are some of the benefits established by Aseguradora Zurich for its customers.

Zurich Insurance has a Border Car Insurance!

The Zurich Border Car Insurance is considered one of the best in its field, mainly because it covers all those vehicles circulating in the border area of the country with plates indicating their origin and that are legally interned in Mexico, cars with a maximum age of 8 years, these must have a pedimento of import, as well as a certificate of registration, in addition to the models that have a foreign registration which remains under all legal rules on a temporary basis.

Certainly, this is a policy that is granted to users who require it, since it supports them before the traffic regulations that are established by the authorities of the different states, in addition to which it covers:

  • Damage that could happen to the car.
  • Total theft of the unit.
  • Civil liability for all damages to a third party’s property, injuries, etc.
  • Medical expenses for companions.
  • Roadside and legal assistance.

The reality is that Zurich Auto Insurance for frontier models can be considered a special service offered to all these vehicles, since the company is committed to offering a service that is reliable in terms of its products and with the help of managing and above all minimizing the costs directly related to the same risks.

An exclusive insurance for Ford vehicles? Zurich has it!

Known as Ford Insurance, this is an insurance program which focuses entirely on the protection of vehicles belonging to this brand, because Zurich Insurance has formed a strategic alliance with Ford Credit Mexico, as well as Aon Risk Services, one of the most important agents in Mexico and worldwide, this for its extensive infrastructure in the area of services for the care of Mexicans.

Precisely because it is a policy that is designed for all users who own their vehicles, this is an automobile insurance that is known in our country as one of the first services they use specifically for the care of a brand of car.

And to let you know a little more about the services you will receive thanks to Ford Insurance Zurich, this one has:

  • A car insurance that is totally designed for the brand, providing a backup, as well as the prestige that Ford models need.
  • You are fully guaranteed against all costs of repairing your vehicle with original equipment parts and qualified labour from Ford dealers.

It is worth mentioning that the Ford Insurance Zurich program can only be contracted by models with a maximum of 8 years, however in these services we manage to offer the highest quality of attention, which is through technical skills, as well as creative aptitudes, flexibility in the response to claims, together with the acceptance of risks, integrity and sensitivity to provide a coverage capable of protecting you at all times.

Additional Coverage for your Zurich Auto Insurance

Also known as a complement to make your auto insurance a more complete tool, the additional coverage that Zurich Auto Insurance offers its policyholders is based on being tools that work with the intention of providing protection against risk situations.

And so that you can find out more about them, here we show you how they work with your policy:

  • Extension of CR: In charge of covering both the holder of the policy contracted, the extension consists of contemplating the same risks agreed in your coverage, however the sums insured automatically increase according to the loss that is reported by the customer, this is similar to the service and the use itself that is given.
  • Adaptations, Conversions and Special Equipment: This is an additional service offered to act as a backup to an accessory installed in the vehicle, mainly when these are not placed from its manufacture, so this is a coverage that covers all risks against special equipment, while the adaptations and conversions, is based on a coverage for property damage, including theft, damage or loss of them.
  • Zero Coverage: Service that can be added and will serve in case the insurer declares the unit as a total loss for material damages, considering a corresponding indemnity which is made without any application of deductibles.
  • Partial Theft of Interiors: Subscribed as an additional protection, this is offered against the possible theft of internal accessories, which are installed independently of the manufacturer, as long as it is not considered a total theft of the vehicle and there is evidence that proves the violence used in these acts.
  • Auto Substitute: And finally, this is one of the most important additional covers that Zurich has for you, which helps you with the reimbursement of the amounts you need for the rental of a vehicle, as well as ensuring that all the conditions are similar to those previously established in accordance with the agreements in the contract.

Zurich Connect, an app that helps you with your car insurance!

An application designed in early 2018, Zurich Connect is a tool that has been launched by the company in order to provide better service to all its users, as this innovative app is available for iOS and Android operating systems, in addition to being completely free.

With real-time geolocation, Zurich Connect allows users to report accidents, theft or request any of the services they have contracted in their policy, thus streamlining the consulting process. And in addition to this you can consult all the information about your policy, coverage and the process in which your claim is located.

Get your car insurance from Zurich Insurance now!

At Ahorra Seguros we care about your well-being, and that’s why we know that having the care of Zurich Insurance means being protected throughout the country and abroad. But you will also get the necessary support against any kind of unforeseen event, because if there is one thing that stands out in your car insurance policies, it is precisely the financial strength they provide to all their policyholders.

With a completely personalized attention by our advisors, in AhorraSeguros.Mx we are the number 1 car insurance comparator in Mexico, and therefore you receive the advice to choose the coverage that best suits you for your Zurich Auto Insurance.

Don’t waste any more time and renew your Zurich Auto Insurance!

If your Zurich Auto Insurance is about to expire, don’t stop enjoying the benefits, and renew your policy as soon as possible. Remember that this is one of the few insurance companies with the highest level of innovation in the market, and at Ahorra Seguros we offer you all the facilities you need to renew your policy as soon as possible.

We don’t want your vehicle to be unprotected at any time, and that’s why our advisors are at your disposal to provide you with the attention you require for the renewal of your policy with Zurich Seguros de Autos, a procedure that will take you less than 2 minutes and that’s it. Keep on driving all over the country with the peace of mind of feeling supported by one of the best insurance companies in Mexico and around the world.